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How To Know If Aussie Tiny Houses Are Perfect For You

How To Know If Aussie Tiny Houses Are Perfect For You

Do you often hear the words “tiny house” in Australia? Tiny houses are growing in fame these days in Australia and other countries. You might wonder why many people love tiny houses. You might also wonder if this type of house suits your interest. Find out how to know if Aussie tiny houses are perfect for you. Let’s first define what a tiny house really means.

What Is A Tiny House 

Typically, a tiny house is a home of 15 to 18 square meters. It is a house of less than 40 square meters in size. In general, the tiny house and tiny home movement promote simple living or living with less. Aussie tiny houses are popular because of their price.

Aussie Tiny Houses

Australia is famous for the larger houses in the world. As the tiny house movement rises in fame, many Australians became interested in tiny houses. Nowadays, there are more tiny house companies in the country. 

Tiny homes are becoming the solution to modern housing issues in Australia. A tiny house promotes simplicity, flexibility, and downsizing. Unfortunately, there might be cases where Aussie tiny houses may not be suitable for some people. Here’s how to know if Aussie tiny houses are perfect for you.

How To Know If Aussie Tiny Houses Are Perfect For You

The rising popularity of Aussie tiny homes will make you want to go for it. Settling down in a tiny house could be a dream come true for many. And that includes you!

However, tiny houses could be a deal breaker for some people who prefer larger houses. The same is true for those who do not like a minimalistic lifestyle. Therefore, you have to make sure that a tiny house is something you would enjoy living in. Also, you need to ensure that it’s within your budget. The list below is some factors to think about whether an Aussie tiny house is a right home for you.

You’re Looking For A More Affordable Home 

Tiny houses require lesser electricity because of the fewer home appliances. Thus, you can save money on electric bills. Moreover, tiny houses come off as budget-friendly homes, to begin with. And for that, Aussie tiny homes are more cost-effective than traditional houses. This makes tiny houses perfect for aspiring homeowners on a tight budget and eco-friendly homeowners.

In estimation, you can buy yourself a tiny house starting around $3,000 to $5,000 for every square meter. Additionally, it can also depend on other factors such as the location and the type of house.

Most Tiny Houses Are Movable 

One of the great things about tiny houses is their ability to relocate. Tiny houses on wheels allow homeowners to move to any place they want. If you relocate often, a mobile house is your perfect choice! In addition, tiny houses are small enough to fit in all kinds of neighborhoods. So, it’s easier to move out anytime and anywhere!

If you want to live around different places in Australia, an Aussie tiny house is perfect for you! Just ensure to do your own research about the area and neighborhood before moving in.

You Prefer A Simple And A Minimalist Lifestyle 

Living in a tiny house means owning fewer appliances and embracing an environmental-friendly setting. It also means you are living in practicality and sustainability. As a result, a tiny house in Australia can help you transition to a much simpler and minimalistic lifestyle.

Modern life on busy streets and cities can sometimes give off a stressful environment. This lifestyle is not meant for everybody. Fortunately, a tiny house lets you move away from urban living. Overall, it gives you a calming lifestyle. Tiny house living encourages you to dispose of those lavish things. It allows you to keep your most treasured ones only because of their size.

Eco-Friendly Living Suits You

Generally, tiny houses are affordable and eco-friendly. First of all, these tiny houses require a low carbon footprint and less energy. Second, you will only need fewer materials and throw away less waste to build a house of this kind.

In addition, Aussie tiny houses are easily customizable. You can install energy-efficient gadgets like solar panels. Solar panels are the device that produces natural electricity. Moreover, LED bulbs are also energy-efficient lights that require lesser energy.

A House That’s Tiny In Size Doesn’t Bother You

As mentioned, a tiny house could be a deal breaker for some people who prefer a big house. Let’s accept it- not all are willing to replace their standard-sized house with a smaller one. But if the small size of the house does not bother you at all, a tiny house can be perfect for you. This is your ideal house if you’re not into abundance living. 

You Do Not Want Long Term Mortgage

The conventional way of purchasing a house involves a long term mortgage. That is to say, you are tied to years of paying amortization for your house. Borrowing money enables you to achieve your dream home, but it comes with monthly bills and interest rates. And the loan we’re talking about is usually 35 years.

A long term payment plan could result in foreclosure if the homeowners are unable to pay the monthly amortization. If having a long term loan is not something you prefer, consider a tiny house. Purchasing a tiny house usually requires a one time payment or a shorter payment plan. 

You Live Alone Or You Have A Small Family

Statistically speaking, it’s the couples who live in tiny houses. Tiny houses may not be recommended for a big family because of their size. A family of four can manage to live in a tiny house. But most of the time, a tiny house for three isn’t viable.

Do you live on your own? If you live alone or you’re two in the household, a tiny house can still provide you with a comfortable lifestyle.

Curious how to know if Aussie tiny houses are perfect for you? The above-mentioned points help you decide whether or not to live in Aussie tiny houses. If these things match your type of living, a tiny house is your dream home! Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars can turn your dream house into reality. Contact us today for classic and contemporary architecture that is customisable to fit your own style.


If you’re thinking to buy your own tiny house, good for you! However, you must be fully informed about the kind of lifestyle it entails. These houses are linked with affordability, environment, and minimalism. If you relocate more often and want a short term payment plan, a tiny house is your dream home.

If you want to start living in a tiny house, reach out to us at Stunning Homes and Modulars! Our team will guide you to achieve your dream home that lasts through generations. We create functional and innovative homes that suit your lifestyle.

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