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Relocatable Homes Brisbane

Brisbane lies in the heart of Queensland, and is one of the most expensive cities in Australia to live in, but with our relocatable houses, it can be cheaper and easier than you think. Our homes are fully furnished and can be transported to your desired location by our team of house removers and logistics experts.

Relocatable Homes Brisbane

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Live Better In A Relocatable House

Moving Made Easy

We’ll help you build a house that meets your requirements, then we’ll move it to Brisbane or any other city in Australia. If you choose to live on a foundation, we’ll coordinate with a team of house removers to make the house removal and relocation process as easy as possible.

Alternatively, we offer beautiful relocatable houses and caravans on wheels––so you can transport your house with ease.

Flexible Living at Its Finest

Life in a big city like Brisbane is full of unpredictable ups and downs. Don’t miss out on life-changing opportunities by locking yourself in one city forever. Drive your relocatable house along the path of your dreams––whether to a new school or job or an adventure. Without mortgages and expensive leases, there are no shackles that limit you from living your best life.

Relocatable houses can be your forever home or a temporary house until you get your feet together. The choice is up to you!

A House You Can Take With You

We offer a selection of mobile homes that are movable from one place to another any time. You don’t have to worry about packing up and starting from scratch every time you find employment in a city halfway across the country. From Brisbane and beyond, travel Queensland and the rest of Australia with your house in tow. Bid adieu to long leases and hefty relocation fees forever.

There are two ways we make this convenience available to you any time:

  • Professional house removers will transport your house from one foundation to another
  • You can drive your relocatable property on wheels, anywhere the road takes you

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can simplify living for you!

Build A House Without Breaking the Bank

Relocatable homes within Queensland are affordable and low-maintenance property options that give you the opportunity to live your life free from financial burden. Say goodbye to big mortgages and spending every day until retirement running away from debt. Relocatable homes are much cheaper to build than traditional housing, so it’s easier to live in Brisbane on a budget.

We offer an array of prebuilt houses, prefabricated shells, and custom homes built to your design specifications. Our team of designers, engineers, and builders are experts in the field––they’ll turn your dream home to reality without a hefty price tag. Save up on things that matter more to you, on the future that you’ve always wanted.

Various financing options are available if you require additional assistance in purchasing a house. Get in touch with us to learn more about prices, financing options, and how we can help.

Save More on Second-Hand Relocatable Homes 

At Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars, we believe in the legacy of tiny houses, and in the ecological sustainability of passing on a house from one homeowner to another. We offer a range of used properties in near perfect condition. Each house is carefully assessed and modified––if needed––before they are put up for sale on our site.

Going second-hand is a wonderful way to score a beautiful relocatable house for a truly low price, while still getting the quality that you deserve. We offer minor customisations, such as repainting the exterior, complimentary if you purchase a second-hand house from us.

Explore More, Live Better

In the big and ever-exciting Queensland, there are thousands of views and adventures beyond Brisbane. You’re never locked up in the city forever. Explore Queensland and beyond with a relocatable house that can move from one place to another on a whim. Our caravan-style abodes can attach to a vehicle––so you can switch between mobile parks or find yourself in the middle of the highlands on a starry night.

Our selection of movable homes will fuel the adventurer within you.

Start Living Your Dream Life Today

Live in Brisbane!

Brisbane is a business and cultural hub that offers a wide variety of unique experiences.  It’s the capital city in the behemoth state of Queensland, with over 2.28 million people––both local Queenslanders and migrants––living amid the modern scenery.

There are many reasons why you should actually consider moving here.

Bask in the Beauty of Nature

While Brisbane is better known as Queensland’s modern facet, there’s more to the city than meets the eye. Travel a little ways off, and meet its wonderful suburbs: lush greens and sapphire shores.

You will never run out of interesting places to visit in Brisbane. Start with the crystal blue waters of Moreton Bay and the stunning Mount Tamborine.  Take a few days off the bustling cityscape and escape to the great outdoors––all possible without paying for rent. Just take your movable house with you!

Enjoy Unique Cultural Experiences

In Brisbane, you can experience all sorts of different cultures. The city enjoys festivals, celebrations, performances, and other cultural events that showcase Queensland’s diverse community. There’s always something new to discover and love.

Comfortable Weather, Everyday

Enjoy the wonderful weather––Brisbane’s climate is one of the best in the world. It’s warm and nice all year round, which means that you’ll never be stuck indoors on a cold winter day.  We offer services for installing alternative power sources to your new tiny house, so you can take advantage of the sunny weather with solar panels. It will help you further cut the cost of utilities while living eco-friendly!

All The Creature Comforts

Enjoy living with modern conveniences. There are many amenities to enjoy  in the city, including public transportation, pedestrian zones, parks and trails that are always open to explore for free, retail stores where you can buy anything, from food to clothes and shoes for all sorts of prices, and world-class hospitals if something should happen.

Plus, live in style with contemporary architecture and smart technology that will make your city life all the more convenient. Book a consultation with our designers and find out custom interior add-ons for your new or second-hand house, from phone-controlled lighting to CCTV installation, biometric scanners, and more.

Reasonable Cost of Living

The cost of utilities, groceries, and public transportation are all reasonable when compared to other cities.

A Bustling Community

Enjoy Brisbane’s community of Queenslanders. With over 800 schools and 15 universities in the city, you’re sure to find friendly Queenslandersyour age. As one of Australia’s most populous areas, there is always something new happening and many places to explore.

One Downside: Rent Rates

Utilities, food, and transportation prices are a lot lower in Brisbane compared to other megacities. But you’ll have to shell out a fortune for rent. According to the latest Domain Rent Report, Melbourne’s Median Weekly Asking Rent is $425, a 3.7% increase to the weekly asking rent last year.

Brisbane is an expensive city to live in––but we can offer a solution to this problem. Join the tiny house movement, and enjoy a world without increasing rent prices and a lifetime of mortgage repayments. Despite costing less, our relocatable houses are built with the best quality craftsmanship, business ethics, and materials, so they will last you more than just a few years. Here at Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars, we’re committed to giving you a forever house at a competitive price.

On the fence about moving to Brisbane? Contact us. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your options.

About Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars

With a tiny relocatable house, you can live in Brisbane (or wherever you want, for that matter) and save money on rent or mortgage payments. We offer various options, from brand-new pre-designed builds to prefabricated shells, custom builds, and second-hand properties. There’s something for every kind of homeowner––contact us to find out more!

The Problems We Solve

Brisbane’s an expensive city to live in, and the sad truth is that most cities are even more expensive. You need a high-paying job just to afford rent––and even then, it can still be a struggle to make ends meet. Our solution comes in the form of tiny housing at an affordable price, which will allow you to live in the abode of your dreams without drowning in loans.

Join the Relocatable Revolution

Relocatable homes are affordable and easy to maintain. We have pre-built units that come in many different shapes and sizes available for sale and ready for delivery, or you can get one of our custom built houses designed to your specifications. Join the tiny relocatable house revolution and never be bound to rent and mortgage ever again.

Live a Life Unbound

Relocatable homes are perfect for people who need to move frequently. Regardless of whether they’re built to stand on a foundation or on wheels, delivery to a new location is possible with no stress and little effort. With the growing popularity of relocation,

owning a movable house in Brisbane is becoming more and more popular.

Our Promise

Renting an apartment is expensive and you never know what your future will be. You deserve to live in the home you want without breaking the bank. Relocatable homes are cheaper, more flexible, and can be relocated to a different city if necessary. Your home should not dictate your life’s path.

What We Offer

Our wide range of services include everything from complete homes to apartment and single unit construction. We offer various customisations, for free or with a fee. These include:

  • Foundation of the home––to place on site or on wheels
  • Your choice of finishes and details, such as changing from the standard timber to a more sophisticated oakwood
  • Roof styling and material to achieve your desired look
  • Any changes in the initial plans and designs to meet your specifications
  • Floor plan expansion to make an initial build more family-friendly

We also guide first-time homeowners in basic house care and maintenance, and make recommendations based on your lifestyle. Our happy clients benefit from low start-up costs, easy financing, and short turnaround times.