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Transportable Home in Victoria

Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars paint Victoria’s iconic cityscapes with transportable homes amid glass-and-steel skyscrapers. Everything about Melbourne screams personality––from the out-of-this-world street art to the European-esque historic towns and surf spots just a small detour away from the city. Our transportable homes come in all shapes and sizes that blend perfectly with Victoria’s architecture: we have colourful, beachside holiday cabins, fully-furnished granny flats, as well as modern homes that will fit right into the heart of Melbourne.

Transportable Home Victoria

Fully Customisable Relocatable Homes

Wherever your location might be in Victoria––whether in the bustling Melbourne or amid the vineyards of the Bellarine to Mornington Peninsula––we can build and deliver the perfect home for you. No two transportable homes are alike. Our team of designers, engineers, and tradesmen will translate your vision into a fully-functional transportable home that suits the needs of your family. We can also build your dream granny flat, holiday home, or modular home on wheels in our factory and have it delivered it to you no matter where you are in Victoria.

With a customised build, you have the freedom to turn every aspect of your dream into reality. Choose from trailer-type, mobile, or mountable transportable homes, or modular homes if you’re looking for something permanent. Bring life into unique architecture and the colours that define you, from the roof to the exterior to the smallest built-in storage unit.