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Our relocatable homes offer minimalistic features in terms of architecture and lifestyle. Aesthetical-wise it brings a modern yet comfortable feeling. The structure is made from quality materials with modular built-in amenities that provide safety and functionality to homeowners. Our relocatable homes can help you save tons of money and help the environment by saving resource energy.
Yes, you can. Not everything goes according to the blueprint. Even with the best laid out home plans, there will always be factors that come into play that we won't always control. On paper, it may look perfect. But in reality, chances are, it won't always be the same. You have to consider the materials you need for the project. Some might be available while the construction of your home is ongoing. Others might not be or may take time to restock, so we have to find a suitable substThere's also the skill of the contractors to factor in and the amount of time they need to complete the job. Timing and money are also important. The original plan you had may have been the best at the time it was given to you. But because our needs change, adjustments are always expected. The most practical thing to do is to follow the plan you have as close as you can. Know which parts are absolutely not changeable for you and which parts can be improvised without breaking the bank. We'll make sure we create the best possible outcome for you, even with the necessary last-minute changes. That's why our plans are easy to modify to fit your evolving lifestyle and taste.
We always make sure that you're confident and fully satisfied with the design of your new home, which is why we throw in customisable plans for every client we engage with. We can also work with you in designing a unique custom plan from scratch. And because we are a family-run business, we take pride in ensuring that every transportable home we release and deliver for free is top-notch and fulfills all your given requirements. Building homes is our life's work. Every success we achieve as a team is also a success for the local suppliers and community that we support.
The actual construction of the transportable home, gathering up the materials needed, and customizing it according to your preference could take at least 20 weeks or so. If we were to include the entire process, from contract signing to delivery on-site, it might take approximately half a year or so. It depends on the duration of the negotiating process and the level of sophistication and comfort that you want for your ideal home. It would be a different story if we were to build the transportable home at your site. For this option, it would usually take longer, at least more than six months, considering the back and forth round trips for transferring materials and putting them all together.
Yes, we can. We create transportable buildings for commercial use and offer a wide range of modular and temporary designs. The building structures provide a comfortable indoor environment conducive for day-to-day in-person dealings and help you conserve energy and resources. Full customization is available for our long-lasting and sustainable buildings to create a safe and secure working environment.
There are two different types of building permits needed for transportable homes. One of them, which we call the Yard Building Consent, is the required permit for us to build your home in our yard in Rotorua. It's the permit we can process from our end. The other permit, called the Local Building Consent, needs to be processed by you as it goes through your local council. This permit is essentially your written consent, permitting us to move a home onto your site. The application is easy enough to follow once you have a draughtsman to assist you in sketching the location where the house will be placed in your lot with its electrical and power connection layout. Depending on the building rules set by your council, some require additional documents like Geotech or Stormweather assessment.
We have designed and delivered over 50 transportable homes since we started in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, and Hawke's Bay area.
There are no size restrictions for transportable homes. Our pre-designed architectural plans have specific sizes, but they are fully customizable and adjustable based on your specific needs. For as long as the customization is structurally sound and there are no issues with the longevity of the materials you've chosen, then we can create the design that you have in mind, regardless of size.
Delivery cost may vary, depending on where you are located. We deliver transportable homes absolutely for free for those living in Bay of Plenty, Waikato, and Hawke's Bay.
Our simplified process of transporting your new home eliminates the guesswork and provides guidance every step of the way, especially for payment terms. We'll have a series of discussions with you at the onset about the design of your home or building, about your site, and access to it. Once you've decided on the design, we then initiate preparing your plans and begin the process of signing you up with us. You can then make your first payment of a 7.5% deposit to get started on floor coverings, paint colours, and appliances.Afterwhich, we process the two permits needed, one from our end, the Yard Building Permit, and one from your end, the Local Building Consent. Once both permits are approved, we can begin construction of your new home and request a 45% second payment. The final payment of 2.5% is due once your new transportable home is secured on its foundations.