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Tiny House For Sale Victoria

Low-Cost Tiny Living 

Tiny houses have been all the rave lately––and for a good reason. Put together towering rental costs, a $500,000 average mortgage, and low-paying jobs, and you have a formula for financial disaster. While an Australian family could comfortably purchase large houses a generation or two ago, the housing situation today isn’t quite the same––and the same goes for the rest of the world. The population is growing, but Earth isn’t expanding. Young people have to compete against a housing market that favours high-earners despite barely making ends meet.

Here at Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars, we believe that housing security and financial freedom go hand-in-hand. Millions of people abandon their 300 square metre rentals in exchange for a low-cost but tiny home they own and can truly call home: are you ready to do the same?


Why Victoria? 

Victoria is a wildcard: a city affair on one side, horse pastures on the other, sapphire seas a few ways off, and a hiker’s dream just a drive away. There are very few places that offer the same multifaceted wonder as Victoria, the ideal home for adventurers and wonder-seekers and people who like seeing different people, cultures, and landscapes. There’s much to love in the southeastern corner of Australia––it may just tempt you to pack your bags and take your tiny house for a big move.

Despite all the wonders packed in Victoria, it holds the crown as the smallest of Australia’s mainland states. Out of its 6.6 million people, the heart of its metropolitan facet, Melbourne, is home to over 5 million. Most of the state comprises rural regions, from Loddon Mallee to Gippsland, so there are plenty of opportunities to live off-the-grid if you so wish.

Regardless, whether you choose to buy a tiny home by the beach, a modular property in a historical town, or a granny flat in the middle of a busy neighbourhood, Victoria offers various landscapes to every prospective homeowner.

Melbourne: A City-Dweller’s Dream 

Melbourne is for modern city dwellers who crave the hustle and bustle of fast-paced living, coupled with opportunities to sit back and relax by the beach or live off-the-grid––just an hour or two away. The city’s art district is a haven for youth and open self-expression. Meanwhile, its metropolitan district is where professionals––young and old––grind from 9 to 5, and escape to the nightlife for chill drinks after-hours.

While sky-high buildings are painted in Melbourne’s cityscape, its residential areas tell a more relaxing story: lush greens and houses of all shapes and sizes. Tiny houses are growing increasingly popular in the city and are practical, low-cost but high-quality property options. We highly encourage you to choose a tiny house that you can mount or drive to any location in the whole of Victoria.

There are plenty of benefits living in a property near or within a location like Melbourne:

  • Access to high-end education
  • Access to advanced medical facilities
  • Access to a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and food delivery services––a foodie lover’s paradise
  • Access to public transportation
  • Access to nightlife and entertainment
  • Access to popular shopping centres, grocery stores, pharmaceuticals, and other essentials and non-essentials

If you’re set on living in the centre of Victoria’s metropolis, choose a tiny house in any size that will complement your aesthetic and go-getter lifestyle. We have the most lovely brand-new and second-hand relocatable studios built with the highest quality––all available on our listings, and are ready for delivery in any corner of the state. Or you could opt for a custom tiny home to turn your ideas into reality.


Rural Victoria: Escape to the Great Outdoors with our Tiny Homes

Fresh air, salty seas, and a breath of history––rural Victoria is wonderfully large and free. The vast expanse outside Melbourne is home to just over 1 million people and thousands of marvelous sights. From the crystal-clear waters that trail the coastline of the Great Ocean Road to the greenery of the Central Highlands and the tourist-favourite Gippsland, you’re free to take your pick and enjoy the off-the-grid lifestyle like nowhere else.

Living close to Melbourne means that you still have access to contemporary luxuries––albeit a few hours away. And in exchange, you can live in an easygoing atmosphere surrounded by nature, friendly communities, and perhaps even wildlife. By opting for relocatable tiny houses, your abode can follow wherever your wanderlust leads to. Most people opt for a tiny house on wheels due to its ease of movement. There are plenty of spaces where you can park your caravan for free or a low cost, so it’s easy on the pockets!

But going for a land-mounted modular studio or tiny house is also a great approach if you intend to stay in the same picturesque neighbourhood for a few years or forever.

Living outside the big city has some wonderful perks:

  • Fresh air and breathtaking view
  • Tight-knit communities
  • Lower cost of living
  • Easygoing environment
  • Possibilities for environment-based hobbies, such as farming, fishing, gardening, and more.

Get started on your journey to an off-the-grid lifestyle by choosing a tiny house for sale in Victoria from our gallery of homes all over Australia. Our selection of relocatable tiny houses come in various architectural make-ups to match any city, small town, or neighbourhood you decide to call home. Options on wheels are always available, so you can flit from one place to another whenever your heart feels like going on an adventure. We also cater to modifications of existing tiny homes if you want them – inquire now to learn more.


Our Favourite Relocatable Homes in Victoria 

Minimal Flat 

Nothing screams portable more than a space designed to move. The Minimal Flat is one of our favourite pre-builts, with a classic rectangular silhouette, large windows, and sliding doors––easy to mount on both land and wheels. Despite its minimalistic structure, this tiny home eludes a contemporary look and feel, heightened by modern interior and a neutral palette––customisable to your choosing. The inside comes with a kitchen, bedroom, and ensuite bathroom, plus enough ceiling space for an extra loft for another member of your small family.


Mini Box 

The mini box is iconically cubic and simple. Its contemporary, sleek style is idyllic against a natural backdrop but also fits perfectly into a picture of a cityscape: the most flexible relocatable home on-the-go. The 20 square metre interior features a kitchen, living space, and ensuite bathroom, plus a loft-style bedroom suitable for two. A full front panel with a custom edge-to-edge window and sliding door offers plenty of natural light––hidden at night by ceiling-tall curtains. Choose to mount on land or turn it into a caravan.


We offer a selection of beautiful designs for pre-built tiny homes for sale in Victoria and any other part of Australia. If you prefer to purchase a shell or want to design a new tiny home yourself, tell us your ideas and our team of designers, engineers, contractors, and tradesmen will build a perfect home for you.


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