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Relocatable Homes Qld

In the northeast of Australia lies Queensland, a behemoth state that spans over 1.8 million square kilometres––over a sixth of the size of Europe. The large, lively expanse is paradise on earth, with some of the most stunning sapphire waters, lush rainforests, coastal wonders, and coveted peaks that touch the sky. It’s the ultimate adventurer’s dream.

There’s no other place in the country that can excite adrenaline-seekers as much as Queensland. With relocatable homes in Qld, you can go on a never-ending––and never boring––journey across the vibrant Queensland while living your best life!

Relocatable Homes Qld

Live, Dream, & Explore in Queensland

Queensland is a laid-back state with diverse cultural makeup and a love for art and history. 5 of Australia’s 11 World Heritage Sites live in this large state––a testament to its unparalleled beauty. QLD houses over 5.1 million people, a million less than Victoria, despite being twice the latter’s size. But due to an influx of interstate migration, Queensland’s housing market isn’t favourable.

That’s why many people have turned to the tiny house option to allow them to live and move from one place to another without carrying an unimaginable financial burden. Our relocatable homes will allow you to live like a Queenslander on a foundation or explore the state with your bedroom on wheels! It’s one of the best locations that bridge opportunities for employment, travel, and building a future. At Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars, one of our missions is to give every Queenslander the freedom of living––and we’re determined to make that happen.

Good Design, Always

We believe in good design without compromising practicality, comfort, and convenience. That’s why our tiny relocatable homes are crafted with your aesthetic and quality-of-life in mind. While we offer fully customisable portable homes in Queensland and throughout Australia, our prefabricated and pre-designed options don’t fall short on any essentials, either!

Whether you dream of living in a mini beach house along the Sunshine Coast’s chic Noosha or move to a modern house in the heart of Brisbane, our team of expert designers, craftsmen, builders, engineers, house removers, and contractors can put together the perfect abode for you.


Go on a Forever Adventure

Queensland is any traveller’s dream destination. With thousands of sights to see and even more activities to experience, going from end-to-end of its golden coastline, discovering the big city’s secret bars, and exploring every corner of its national parks and countryside will fill you with years of adventure. Our relocatable homes on wheels will allow you to take your exploration to another level. Drive your portable house across Qld and never worry about sky-high rental costs, difficult landlords, and a life bound to a mortgage.

Beyond adventure, our commitment to sustainability, eco-friendliness, quality, durability, and design will allow you to continue living the dream forever. Our tiny relocatable homes and modular abodes are built to last generations––to pass on from one Queenslander to another.


We Finance!

Tiny homes and portable houses aren’t heavy on the pockets, so you don’t have to take a massive mortgage that will take an entire lifetime to pay off. Queensland relocatable home sale prices range from $15,000 to $100,000 upwards for fully-furnished luxury builds. Due to limited bank and institutional financing for mobile or relocatable housing, we offer alternative financing options to help you afford the house of your dreams.



While you may choose to live in beautiful Queensland, you aren’t limited to relocatable house options readily available in the area. Our tiny properties are designed, constructed, and assembled off-site and delivered to you upon completion––wherever you may be in Australia.

As part of our services, we can also help you in the house removal process if your foundation already has an existing home, or if you’re purchasing a second-hand house. Our team of expert house removers know exactly how to dismount a home without compromising its condition. Afterwhich, our shipping team will assist in delivering the final relocatable house.

The shipping process requires strategic logistics for incident-free delivery, and we take extra precautions throughout to ensure that your house arrives at its destination––your new address––safely and without issue. Our concierge will manage the delivery from our factory to your location to monitor the home and provide expert assessment upon arrival.

  • Dismounting of the existing home by a team of house removers––only applicable if you are ordering a mounted second-hand house or if your foundation has an existing property that needs to go to make room for a new one
  • Thorough pre-delivery inspection to ensure that your relocatable house is ready to deliver at the finest quality
  • Secure packing, set-up, and levelling of your house
  • Thorough post-delivery inspection in case of issues
  • Minimal on-site construction to complete the last areas of assembly
  • Relocatable house briefing with you to help you care for your new property, whether on foundation or wheels


Beautiful Relocatable Homes Queensland

Here at Stunning Homes and Modulars, we offer a wide range of beautiful pre-built relocatable properties for sale. We recommend a select few that look especially stunning against Queensland’s beautiful landscapes but feel free to visit our gallery for the full collection of tiny portable houses. Or talk to one of our experts about your vision––and we’ll turn it into reality!


Luxury Double Decker

The Luxury Double Decker is one of our favourite 2-storey portable houses, complete with a balcony –in a compact 40-square metre build. It’s a highly recommended if you have a small family or you’re a young couple. The exterior features horizontal panelling (customisable to your preference), a sliding door, medium-sized windows with slim details, and a flat-style roof to give off a modern vibe. The roof is customisable to a cone shape for a small price, if you prefer. Inside is a generously-sized kitchen, ensuite, and living area on the first floor. Meanwhile, the second-floor bedroom occupies 75% of the upper deck, while 25% is dedicated to a balcony––perfect for keeping a mini garden on-the-go. The Luxury Double Decker’s standard form mounts on foundation, but we offer the option to place it on wheels.


Rustic Explorer

The Rustic Explorer is inspired by beautiful winter cabins in ski resorts and mountainside homes. This tiny abode is perfect for young professionals, featuring a cone-shaped roof and a mix of full-size and smaller windows for a beautifully asymmetrical silhouette. The highlight of this relocatable house is a custom window arrangement that mirrors the outline of the build––while it occupies a full wall, the interior was strategically organised to contain shelving on the panel edges. The captivating exterior is paired with a practical interior: living area (convertible to an office space), kitchen, and ensuite on the first floor, and a bedroom on a loft. The Rustic Explorer is built on wheels, but please let us know if you prefer to have it mountable on a foundation upon placing an order.