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Modular Homes Victoria 

Victoria beyond Melbourne is an adventure-packed location defined by lush greens, desert-like wilderness, wildlife reserves, and small towns built with 19th-century architecture. Every corner of the state will make you feel like a tourist with vastly-changing landscapes and too many things to do on a short trip––so why not consider living in sunny Vic instead?

A Snapshot of Victoria 

Victoria is located in the southeastern corner of Australia, south of NSW. Home to over 6.6 million people––of which over 5 million reside in Melbourne––and thousands of beautiful sights, Vic is an ideal destination for travel and living. There, you can find a little bit of everything packed into just over 222,000 square kilometres of space: from botanic gardens to national parks, art exhibits, innovative theatres, and the non-negotiables of modern city living.

When thinking of relocating to Vic, the first thing that comes to mind might be Melbourne. But the state is also home to some of the most beautiful suburb areas that offer big-city perks for a fraction of the price. You get access to high-class education, healthcare, shopping centres, essentials, and entertainment within the town or just a drive away. In addition, living a little ways off allows you to get the other facet of the experience: the quiet countryside, fresh air, and a small, tight-knit neighbourhood! Vic is about 7 hours away from NSW, where you can enjoy Australia’s majestic coastal mountains and a nice, mild climate.

Regardless of where you choose to stay, our prefab houses, kit homes, and modular homes are ready to be delivered straight to your new plot of land, or on wheels to travel wherever the road takes you.

Modular Homes Victoria
Modular Homes Victoria

The Benefits of Living Off-the-Grid 

Victoria is the perfect state to live off-the-grid, with its array of highlands, beaches, and mountains, plus suburbs from Kilmore to Scarsdale and Manifold Heights. Our modular homes give you freedom to travel or settle down in your favourite area without paying the cost of a full-size home.

Off-the-grid living isn’t just about saying goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. It’s a beneficial change of pace that may be what you need to find peace:

  • Smaller environmental footprint––embrace the eco-friendliness of an environment free from traffic and pollution. Our modular homes are built with the same advocacy in mind: sustainability (through the materials that we use, and our building process).
  • Relaxing environment––more time with the family because you no longer have to worry about a stressful 9 to 5. There are no corporate offices in the middle of the highlands.
  • Lower cost of living––apart from saving on housing by living in a prefabricated modular home built by us, you can also save on food by farming.
  • Better overall health––a clean and fresh environment is ideal for preserving your health, as you live away from sources of pollution.

Modular Homes on Wheels: Live Wherever on a Whim 

At Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars, we believe in the freedom of living. While our modular homes can be mounted on land, we also offer the option to have them on wheels. You can attach a portable home to a vehicle and drive away, making it the perfect holiday home.

Most people rent parking spaces to mount their modular homes and buildings in privately-owned land. Otherwise, it’s possible to live in the mountains with luxurious accommodation––in the form of your tiny home!

There are some differences between modular homes on land and on wheels:

  • The floor plans of modular homes on wheels can come with a bathroom if you so wish, but plumbing has to be installed separately to connect to a water source––usually underground. If you don’t intend to stay in the area long enough to make the plumbing costs worth it, you may have to live off an external water source, such as a water tank, filtered rainwater, freshwater (if available nearby), or water purchased from shops. Our builders can install your water source of choice––let us know when you order a portable home!
  • Our modular homes on wheels come with versatile power options to give you contingencies. The stove is powered with propane to limit the use of electricity. We offer the option to build a generator to power your home, plus a full solar power system to generate more electricity to keep essentials going day-and-night.


Flexible Financing Options for Your Modular Home

Our goal is to bring affordable housing to anyone, anywhere. Our approach: flexible financing options, you can stretch your budget and pay off the balance over a few years while living in your dream abode. We accept various forms of payment, from cash to credit and cryptocurrency.

Get in touch with us to know more about our wide range of construction services, our terms and how we can help you afford high-quality housing.


Custom Modular Homes

Our modular homes are designed to be practical, beautiful, and comfortable. We can also build a custom modular home for you, by request. Our homes’ modules are durable and built in a factory environment, protecting them from the elements. They can be delivered to you, no matter where you are in Australia.


The Explorer is the home you want on the highlands, in the middle of a forest, by the beach, or on top of a hill. It’s a versatile, camper-inspired building with a simple exterior––customisable to your preferred colour and panelling. The interior design is a decadent family-size abode, complete with a kitchen, ensuite, living space, a loft that fits a queen-size bed, and a deck that you can convert into a front porch. Inclusions are customisable to your needs.


Cabin on Wheels

The Cabin on Wheels is designed along the lines of a Scandinavian-style mountain cabin:

  • A long, cone-shaped roof
  • Wood-texture exterior panelling
  • Tall doors and windows
  • An option to include a built-in sauna if you opt for the 30 square metre version

The exterior is matched with an equally rustic interior with natural wood finishes and hints of a modern-neutral palette. This relaxing abode is complete with all the necessities: kitchen, ensuite, and a loft-style room.


Join the alternative housing revolution!

Our gallery of tiny relocatable homes will inspire you to live life wherever you choose to. Get in touch with us for a selection of prefabricated shells, or send in your designs for a custom-built home. Our team of builders, designers, engineers, and tradesmen will turn your ideas into reality. We’re more than happy to guide you through the entire project: from framework to final logistics: from the planning process, to delivery and site set up.