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Tiny House for Sale Brisbane 

Beyond its wonders, there are three important things you need to know about the capital of Qld: it is multicultural, sustainable, and affordable. Tempted to move in with a relocatable tiny house yet?

Personalise Your Space

Brisbane is the star of Queensland: a bustling CBD against the beautiful Brisbane River, stunning beaches, and some of Australia’s most beautiful vineyards all packed into one gorgeous capital. There’s plenty of fun under the sun in Brisbane, where there are almost 300 sunny days in a year, plus an array of coastland wonders––from surfers’ paradise to dog beaches––to enjoy the gorgeous weather. And if you’re a wildlife enthusiast, you’ll enjoy making friends with Brisbane’s population of over 100 koalas in the Lone Pine Sanctuary, just a suburb away from the metropolis.

Inclusivity & Diversity 

Brisbane’s laid-back environment is a stark contrast to the more fast-paced Sydney. You’ll enjoy socialising with friendly locals––it won’t be hard to integrate yourself into the community, whether in the heart of the city or the quiet suburbs. Moving into a great neighbourhood with your relocatable tiny home will be a breeze compared to searching far and wide for temporary real estate! Culture is big in this city, so mark your calendar and enjoy popular events from the Paniyiri Greek Festival to the India Day Fair. There’s so much to look forward to all-year-round!


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Brisbane is the most sustainable and biodiverse capital city of Australia, with over 2,000 green parks, 2,500 native plants, and 800 species of wildlife. You can enjoy breathtaking slices of nature in the City Botanic Garden’s beautiful lily ponds and bamboo groves, or head west and experience the gorgeous Darling Down’s scenic art scene and heritage architecture.

And it’s not just you––we at Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars also feel strongly about our corporate social responsibility to the environment. That passion reflects in how we thoughtfully designed our business practices, from the supply chain to end-to-end production and delivery.

Our tiny houses for sale in any location in Australia, whether new, pre-fabricated, custom-made, or second-hand, are all built with sustainable practices. From material sourcing to labour and final logistics, the entire supply chain is carefully organised to ensure the highest standards of environmental protection, waste management, and ethical labour. Our tiny homes are designed to be perfect for a guilt-free and eco-friendly lifestyle!

Low-Cost Tiny Homes in a Big City

The tiny home movement is all about embracing minimalism and financial freedom. And Brisbane is one of the best locations to make your dream come true ––especially if you love the experience of living in a great city but are looking to spend less!

Brisbane’s young and lively atmosphere and low-cost environment have put it at #4 on the list of Australia’s cheapest cities for students. While the real estate market is still on the high side with a weekly rent median of over $400, you can save by choosing among a range of tiny houses to plot on land or transform into a caravan and stay in a mobile park. Applications are regulated through the Caravan Parks and Relocatable Home Parks Local Law 2000, where the price of parking mobile, relocatable tiny houses for a year sums to about a week’s worth of rent!

Our second-hand selection of tiny houses for sale in Brisbane gives you a chance to save further without compromising quality. Get in touch with us to ask any questions and know more about our properties, and start living the dream at a fraction of the cost!

Opportunity in Every Corner

Brisbane is an ideal location for saving on living expenses while experiencing all the big-city perks: a selection of wonderful universities, high-end hospitals, shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, and more. Corporate employment is also possible in its towering business district by the luxe Queen Street. Whether you’re young or old, there are opportunities for you in every corner.

Our relocatable tiny houses emulate the same flexibility required for enjoying the city life. We incorporate contemporary design philosophies in our properties to maximise space and give you the most comfortable living experience––tailored to your preferences. Whether you need personal space to relax and rewind after a stressful 9 to 5 or a place to recharge in after a day of adventuring, our tiny houses can be anything you want them to be.

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Personalise Your Space 

Embrace Brisbane’s culture of self-expression! Transform any of our tiny houses for sale with a design that emulates your personality––even second-hand options. Many of our modular and relocatable tiny houses are customisable, from external panelling to the built-in interior. Our team of expert builders will accommodate your budget and help you find the best design, sustainability, and engineering solutions to craft your perfect home. We also offer the option to modify any new or existing tiny home to mount on land or wheels, so you can choose to settle or drive across the country anytime!

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Beautiful Relocatable Home Options 

We offer a wide range of tiny houses for sale in Brisbane, which we narrowed down to some favourites that fit picture-perfect in the city’s landscape. Our homes are crafted with the highest quality and attention to detail for an affordable price, but we offer financing options to stretch your budget even further. We also take care of the logistics and deliver your tiny home in perfect shape to any address in the country. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in knowing more!

Espresso Modern

The Espresso Modern was designed with a small family in mind. The fresh and vibrant light wood textures offer a breezy contrast to the modern black furniture–– colours and designs customisable to your liking. The common room, kitchen, and ensuite bathroom are on the first floor, and a rare second floor fits two bedrooms for a 4-person family to live comfortably. We offer contemporary security measures, including password-protected locks and biometric scanners, as optional add-ons. The Espresso Modern’s base design is on wheels and is the perfect size to park. Sustainable energy sources, such as solar panels, are available upon request. We also provide an option to remove the wheels to mount the tiny house permanently on a foundation at no extra fee.



The Horizon is one of our most unique tiny houses: a cruise ship-inspired flat with a high ceiling to fit a generously-sized loft. The asymmetrical sides––one flat and one round––give the relocatable home a dynamic design while offering ergonomic shelving options on the inside. Our model is painted a bright sky blue and white for a prairie-like feel, while the interior is a mix of white and blue and wooden finishes. This property features a couch area, kitchen, and ensuite bathroom, while the spacious loft bedroom is perfect for a couple to share. This portable house is fully customisable in colour, panelling, and even interior staining with no extra charges.


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