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Used Mobile Homes

Regardless of whether you prefer a tiny house, a modular abode, a custom granny flat, or a hybrid of all three, our team of custom home builders will help you realize your dream from planning to final delivery.

Custom Homes Made 

Every category of mobile homes, from caravans to motorhomes and tiny homes on wheels, are the next big thing taking over the Australian housing market. Affordable motorhomes allow you to explore the country on wheels whenever you feel like going on an adventure. It’s the perfect build for wanderlusts and those who like flitting from one place to another.

But all things eventually come to an end, and while tiny motorhomes are meant to last generations of use, some homeowners decide to let go of theirs to move on to other homes, whether big or small.

At Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars, we believe that caravans and motorhomes deserve to be used to their fullest extent––for years and years and years. And that’s why we encourage you to pick up a used mobile home, which can help you save some time and money, and do a big favour to the environment.

Fall in Love With a Mobile Home 

Many people choose to travel in their 20’s to 30’s––to make the most out of their youth––and then move on to a permanent home afterwards. While a house on wheels can be customised to stand on a foundation, some choose to upgrade the size of their living spaces to fit a growing family. That’s why there are plenty of second-hand caravans on the market––they carry the memories of years of adventure.

If you’ve been thinking about exploring Australia by road, it might be a sign to consider mobile housing. They’re convenient and require little upkeep, and are durable enough to survive harsh weather conditions. There are various types available on the market, from custom-built to prefabricated options.

But before you decide to buy a brand-new relocatable home, know that there are thousands of beautiful and good-as-new options already on our listing. A quick search may result in you finding dreamy motorhomes. Everything can always be customised and upgraded to your preferences, so they’re not any less usable than a new house. Give them a look––you might fall in love with one

Embrace Eco-Friendly Living 

Even tiny caravans require plenty of materials to build. And while we intentionally source every type of material from sustainable and environmental-friendly suppliers, it’s an even better idea to take sustainability to a whole new level by giving old caravans to new owners. Most mobile homes are built to grow old with you, to last decades and decades of use so that even your children can live where the road takes them.

But when it’s time to let go, choosing to resell the home instead of demolishing can greatly impact the environment. An even bigger contribution is to decide to buy used motorhomes when you’re on the hunt for an abode, as they can still serve you for nearly a lifetime. Embracing the cycle of reusing is important in helping the already compromised environment, so we highly encourage you to consider a second-hand option.

More Than Just a Refurbish 

Our promise to provide excellent quality and a home that lasts generations extends to our second-hand catalogue. Most second-hand homes on the market are sold as-is after being vacated, but we take things up a notch by renovating every type of used caravans and motorhomes before putting them up on our listing.

Our team of experts examines every nook and cranny, evaluates the liveability and quality of each unit, and from there decides which can still serve you for generations. Your health and safety are our biggest priorities, so caravans with dangerous mould or other types of major damages never go through. And don’t worry––any house that doesn’t pass the test is taken apart and recycled!

Minor types of customisations, such as repainting the exterior and changing the panelling, are offered to you for free so that you can enjoy personal touches to second-hand caravans. However, we also offer various upgrades, such as modern tech integrations, custom furnishings, alternative energy sources, and more, for a fee. Full renovations are always welcome and cost less than building new motorhomes from scratch!

Explore Australia

Living in a small space is a big change if you’re used to lounging around a 500 square metre home, but many have found peace letting go of unnecessary rooms and living in tiny caravans––you might too! The tiny home movement empowers minimalism and embraces independence from material attachments while also offering low-price housing to a generation with an average weekly rent of $400-500 and lifelong mortgages. If you’ve been struggling with housing insecurity, it might be a sign to look into taking the big leap to a small house.

By saying goodbye to material abundance, you’ll have more time to spend doing things you love. Take your caravan on the road and explore Australia, from Queensland to Brisbane and beyond. Search for exotic birds in national parks. Park by the beach and enjoy the exhilarating waves. There’s so much to do, and even more places to explore in beautiful Australia, and caravans will help you do just that.

Who needs to rent Airbnbs when your home can explore with you anytime, anywhere?

Live Tiny, Dream Big 

With a tiny home on wheels, your dreams are never far away. Got an amazing job offer halfway across the country? No problem! Just drive your second-hand caravan to a new mobile park in a new city, and never miss out on any opportunity that comes your way. The biggest disadvantage to a house on a foundation is that you miss out on this flexibility. You don’t need to be an explorer to choose to live in motorhomes. Being on wheels can offer an extremely convenient arrangement for busybodies who often move around for work.

Give it a try, and you might fall in love and never look back.

A Roof Above Your Head––Always 

Young professionals often choose to rent, especially if they don’t have enough credit to take on a massive mortgage. But renting comes with plenty of frustrations, too. Searching for a decent place is more challenging than ever; prices are spiking, landlords aren’t getting any more considerate, and you might find yourself evicted after making one too many late payments. Homeownership is the only way to break out of the rental cycle––but with an average mortgage of over $500,000, it’s a sign for Australia’s struggling youth to find alternative housing.

And that’s why so many people are turning to motorhomes. Mobile park renting is cheap. Energy saving add-ons, such as solar panels, can help cut the costs of electricity. You can take your home anywhere with you (goodbye lease cancellation fees), and the total cost of caravans is as low as 50x less than a full-size home. There’s so much living small can offer you––never worry about housing insecurity ever again!

Afford Motorhomes Faster With Financing 

Going second-hand is always cheaper than buying brand new, and that applies to caravans as well! Our selection of used homes are in their best possible condition at the lowest possible price and available for delivery anywhere in Australia––just search for your favourite!

We offer financing options to help you afford the house faster if money is tight. While costs for motorhomes are significantly smaller than those of traditional homes, we understand the need for financial aid. Our team will help break down the most practical and affordable housing options and send the best payment plans your way. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you afford a second-hand mobile home!