We believe that everyone deserves to live in their dream home. At the forefront of the tiny home movement

Tiny House for Sale in Australia

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The Loft Mirror Home

Relocatable Homes & Modulars

We believe that everyone deserves to live in their dream home.

  • Saves Time
  • No Possibility of Weather Delay
  • No Need to Store Materials
  • Lower Labor Costs
  • Lower Volume of Waste

The Moonbox

Inspired by modern naturalism, the sleek, unique, architect designed Moonbox presents a premium – and stunning – living space which is out of this world.

The Mod Pod

The Mod Pod offers truly contemporary living. This luxurious open plan villa incorporates sleek, state-of-the-art design elements with an optional veranda.

The Loft Mirror

We’re enormously proud of the Loft Mirror, our flagship housing product – offering luxurious modular living across two levels, with cooling mirrored roof.

Relocatable Homes, Created With You, for you.

Tiny House for Sale in Australia

Tiny House for Sale in Australia

At Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars

Your wants and needs will always be front and centre.

Each relocatable home project is planned to suit your geographic requirements, budget and site specifications. Your imagination is the limit: the final product will be the product of a true partnership with you. We work from our modular development centre in Australia. The modules are protected from all elements, making it more durable.

Our Mission

Our tiny and modular homes merge the best of classic and contemporary architecture, giving you a functional space to live and enjoy life anywhere you choose to go.

Office space

Vegetarian bodybuilding (veggie) – Nicolas AUBINEAU buy steroids in australia lafay before-after method: an effective bodybuilding program.We can build an efficient workspace to boost your productivity.

Short long-term rental

Make the most out of your property renting it out.

Guest home

Save up on hotel costs and spend more time with your friends and family whenever they visit.

Worker accommodation

Worker accommodation

Take care of your workers and employees by providing them with fully furnished accommodation.

Independent living space

Create an independent living space for family or friends next to your main home.

Relocatable vacation home

We can design a home that you can transport and tow to your favorite vacation spots.

Residential Construction

We are a design and build company that specializes in residential construction.

We are the best modular and relocatable home builders in Australia.

We are committed to giving you a beautiful home, whether it is new or a pre-loved one.

We offer services including: designing, permits, land development, project management and construction.

What we offer

wide variety of homes, designs and services to choose from.

We offer a wide variety of homes, designs, and services to choose from. We are the builder of high-quality tiny homes and full-size luxury homes.We offer custom-built, pre-designed, pre-loved, and pre-made shells We design the best Tiny House Shell in Melbourne , Queensland

Relocatable homes

Our relocatable houses are built for those who desire a low-cost, high quality home that can be moved with ease.

Modular homes

Whether you’re thinking of a studio apartment or a five bedroom family home, we have the perfect modular for you.


our range of pre-designed flats and tiny abodes are built with optimal, hand-picked materials of the highest quality

Commercial Modular

Our pre-designed tiny and modular homes are built with your convenience and quality-of-life in mind

Need a relocatable home that allows you to move from one location to another

We’ve got you covered! Anywhere you might be in Australia, Stunning Tiny Homes and Modular will design, build, and deliver a perfect home for you.

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Sustainable modular homes, on demand

Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars specializes in building custom, handcrafted tiny homes that are designed to your exact specifications. We offer a full range of services from architectural design, planning and permitting, through installation. We’ll make sure you understand every aspect of the process so that your dream home becomes reality.


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