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How Much are Relocatable Homes?

How Much are Relocatable Homes?

You’ve probably heard it: relocatable homes are cheaper than traditional stick-built homes. That is true, but how much do relocatable homes cost, exactly? Does it vary by state? If so, which state offers the lowest-priced relocatable homes?

Don’t fret—we got you!

In this article, we’ll be you with comprehensive ballpark estimates of relocatable home prices in Australia (by state) to help guide you in your foray into the amazing world of alternative housing!

Are Relocatable Homes Cheaper?

Compared to stick built homes, yes. Granted that you and your team do your due diligence beforehand—delays, regulatory requirements, and funding issues can do a number on both your timeline and budget—you can save a lot of money. 

Now that we’ve established that, let’s find out how much a relocatable home costs in your area! Please note that price ranges change regularly, and that we took these price ranges from public quotes and estimates.

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Relocatable Homes, QLD Prices

Relocatable home prices range from around $25,000 up to $100,000 in Queensland, depending on the size. We found the following quotes:

  • Granny-flat style relocatable: $25,000 (6-metre flat) up to $49,000 (for a 14-metre flat)
  • Pre-built relocatable homes: $18,900 $39,000 (12 metre x 3 metre) up to $88,000 (12 metre x 5 metre, 3 bedrooms)
  • Portable kit homes: $16,990 (9.8 square metres), $18,990 (13.4 square metres), up to $98,990 (100 square meters)

Keep in mind: licensing fees might apply. Thinking of building the home yourself ie., entering no building contracts, on your own land? You might be eligible for Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant!

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Prices of Relocatable Homes in SA

Located in SA? We found a couple of relocatable homes for sale in the area for the following price ranges:

  • Kit homes: $47,320 (92 square metres) up to $57,135 (121 square metres)

Thinking of building it yourself?

According to the consumer guide published by the Government of South Australia:

“If you contract out any building work costing $12,000 or more, your tradesperson must have a written contract with you. If council approval is required for your project they must also take out building indemnity insurance.”

Relocatable Homes, NSW Prices

Thinking of buying a relocatable home or portable house in vibrant NSW? Here’s a broad estimate of the costs from various public offers:

  • Pre-built relocatable homes: $80,000 (100 square metres, 4 bedrooms)
  • Customisable build: $138,366 (50 square metres) up to $200,000 – $215,000 (74.9 square meters, 3 bedrooms), depending on the zip code.
  • Pre-loved relocatable home: $15,000 (80 square metres) up to $67,000 (6 metres x 22 metres)

Cost of Relocatable Homes in Tasmania

Here’s a broad survey of relocatable home prices in Tasmania based on portable homes for sale in the area:

  • Pre-built: $38,500 (9 metres x 3 metres) 
  • Pre-built expandable: $22,727 (37 square metres)
  • Pre-loved: $39,000 (8 metres x 3.8 metres, 1 bedroom) up to $150,000 (no size, 3 bedrooms) 


Prices of Relocatable Homes in Victoria

The relocatable home business is booming in Victoria! Here’s a quick survey of how much relocatable or demountable homes might cost in Victoria:

  • Pre-built: $70,550 (58 square metres) up to $82,000 (8 metres x 3.5 metres)
  • Custom made: from $25,950 (2 metres x 2.5 metres)
  • Pre-loved: $10,000 (183 square metres, 4 bedrooms)


Relocatable Homes, WA Prices

Looking for a beautiful relocatable home in the WA Outback? Here’s what you can expect in terms of prices:

  • Pre-built: $60,500 (10 metres x 4 metres)
  • Pre-loved: $50,000 (13 metres x 7 metres, 3 bedrooms) up to $72,600 (12 metres x 4 metres)


How Much Will a Customised Relocatable Home Cost?

Most relocatable homes are actually very customizable. For instance, you can extend an existing build to create a 2-bedroom portable home. However, if you want something that you’ve designed yourself (opposed to customising a layout that a builder already has on offer), that will require appointments with a couple of builders in your area.


Don’t Forget The External Costs!

This list is a survey of publicly available prices of relocatable homes in your area. Please keep in mind that these prices are not indicative of the actual price that you might have to pay—there are a lot of other costs involved in building and erecting a relocatable home on a property. Some costs that you should keep in mind are:

  • Delivery and transport costs (for prefab relocatable homes)
  • Land Surveying
  • Permits (and corresponding legal costs)
  • Ensuring that the property is ready for the home transfer

Another important piece of advice: ask your contractor about the inclusions. It’s easy to present you with a price tag, but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know exactly what’s included. An open line of communication with your builder is important; ask them about all the possible extra costs. When it comes to building a relocatable home, it’s important to always account for all eventualities. 

Whether you’re just inquiring or have already made your mind up, all decisions stem from your budget. Make sure that you’re making informed choices before starting the build! 

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