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Are Backyard Office Pods Practical Or Not

Are Backyard Office Pods Practical Or Not

Remote work or work from home setup exists way before the Covid-19 pandemic. But more and more businesses began adapting to this type of setup when the pandemic began. Because of that, employees now have to make their workstations at home. Not everyone has a conducive space at home for work; hence, there are alternatives for remote work.

A backyard office pod is one of the remote work setup alternatives to your home. Many people like having one because of its advantages. But are backyard office pods practical or not? Before we answer that, let’s define what an office pod is.

What Is An Office Pod?

An office pod is an independent room or unit that is built in a larger place. These pods allow people to work individually and away from distractions.

An office pod is a tiny home that is constructed in an office. However, it can also be built in places other than offices. An office pod’s benefits are similar to the benefits of a pod home because both these homes are compact and self-contained units. Both are space-saving, fast to build, and affordable. 

A backyard office pod, from the word itself, is a self-contained room placed in a backyard. Backyard office pods are not yet that popular, but it’s starting to draw attention to people working from home because of their advantages. But before you build one for yourself, let’s find out if these backyard office pods are practical or not.

Are Backyard Office Pods Practical Or Not?

The short answer to this question is yes. Backyard office pods are practical to have. It’s not expensive, and the space is enough for a work setting. You have all the space you need to work effectively and efficiently. Indeed, tiny homes like backyard office pods are the future homes of the next generation and you deserve to have one. 

If you’re not yet convinced about how practical a backyard office pod is, know more about some of its benefits.

Benefits Of Having A Backyard Office Pod

Remote work is here to stay, which means it’s essential for people working from home to maintain the peace and quiet of their working environment. Here’s how a backyard office pod can benefit you:

1. It helps boost productivity and creativity.

Working with other people in the office can distract you, and may lose your concentration. Their noise, chitchats, or merely their presence can interrupt you. If you’re working at home, the sound of the television, the barking of dogs, or the presence of your family may lose your focus from work.

Having a backyard office pod will keep you free from these distractions. Having a peaceful and comfortable spot will help you concentrate and achieve your goals at work. In turn, you can be more productive and effective. Let those creative juices flow in your backyard pod!

2. Connect with nature.

Taking a quick break for a walk can help you relax during your shift as it refreshes you from work. Walking can also help relax your mind and resolve work problems. This is beneficial for you because you may get the resolution to your problem when you’re subconsciously thinking of it while you’re taking a quick stroll. 

Moreover, walking and just being around nature are good for your physical and mental health. If there are not enough plants or walking areas in the backyard, watching videos about nature can be an alternative.

3. You can save time and money from transportation expenses.

Remote work means you don’t have to wake up extra early only to be stuck in traffic. If you travel 30 minutes going to work every day, remote work saves you 5 hours per week. Working from home also means saving money on gas or transportation expenses in your day-to-day commute.

Imagine waking up and not thinking about the travel going to work. It may even take you less than a minute to get to your backyard office. Aside from that, working in your office pod at home can be good for your health. Not having to commute every day means you’re less exposed to breathing gasoline and air pollution from vehicles.

4. A backyard office pod can have multiple other purposes.

Who says these backyard pods are only for work? An office pod can just be any room you prefer it to be like a study room, for instance. You can make it an entertainment room- just put a TV or video games in the room, and you’re all set. If the room is spacious enough to fit a bed, you also can turn it into a temporary guestroom should you need extra space for a visitor. There is plenty of other purposes for a backyard pod other than an office.

5. The value of your home increases.

There is a higher demand for homes with offices among home buyers. If your backyard office has great features and is properly assembled, you can sell your house at a higher price. Having extra outdoor space in your home indeed is a game changer! It’s an additional feature that can attract people, especially young professionals.

Final Thoughts: Are Backyard Office Pods Practical Or Not?

As time passes by, more businesses and companies are allowing people to work remotely. People now have to make space inside or outside their homes for their working environment. A backyard office pod is one of the remote work setups that is practical because of its advantages. There are a lot of reasons why it’s such an ideal feature to add to your home.

If you have questions about pods, tiny homes, and modular homes, feel free to reach out to us at Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars. We will work together with you in achieving the dream home you aspire to and deserve to have.

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