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How To Begin Living Off The Grid In Australia

How To Begin Living Off The Grid In Australia

As many people start to switch to a simpler lifestyle, off the grid living is becoming more popular nowadays. For one thing, it has become an option for many families in Australia. Are you interested in living off the grid? Let’s find out how to begin living off the grid in Australia. But first, let’s define what off the grid living is all about.

What Is Off The Grid Living

If this is the first time you’re hearing off the grid living, it simply means you rely on your own water supply, power, food, and more. That is to say, you don’t depend on the resources from society as much as you can. With off the grid kind of lifestyle, people rely on their skills as much as possible to produce their daily needs.

Does it sound difficult and scary so far? To put it simply, living off the grid means you are free from depending on society’s utilities. Off the grid living has its own benefits economic-wise and in the environment. To name a few, here are the benefits of off the grid living.

Advantages of Living Off The Grid

Want to know what are the benefits of living off the grid?

Lesser Electricity Costs

When you choose to live off the grid, you will notice a significant difference in your electricity bill monthly compared to before. This is especially true when you’re relying on solar energy rather than fossil fuel. 

As we all know, fossil fuels are the primary energy and electricity source. However, we only have limited fossil fuels in the world. That is to say, as these resources deplete over time, the price will increase. This problem is not an issue if you’re not relying on fossil fuels and opt to live off the grid.

Moreover, burning fossil fuels to produce energy contributes to global warming. When you choose a renewable energy source, 

Less Carbon Footprint And More Knowledge About The Nature

Lesser electricity cost means you are reducing your carbon footprint. As a matter of fact, you can see the difference between when you used to depend on society’s resources versus off the grid living. To do this, you can gauge your carbon footprint by using a carbon footprint calculator.

When you begin to live without relying on public utilities, you are free to explore alternatives to electricity and ways to save your resources. Additionally, homes that people who live off the grid live in are energy-efficient. To clarify, these homes are usually tiny houses because the goal is the simpler, the better. 

Are these benefits motivating you to start living off the grid? If so, here are the steps on how to begin living off the grid in Australia.

How To Begin Living Off The Grid In Australia 

Here are the steps on how to begin living off the grid in Australia.

1. Looking For A Land

Do you have your own land to build your eco-friendly house? If the answer is no, start looking for land to construct your house. It’s also a chance for you to choose your location, ask around the area, and make better choices.

2. Start Looking For A House

More often than not, off the grid living involves tiny houses, traditional wood homes, cob houses, or off grid kit homes. Certainly, these homes encourage simple living. In the same vein, off grid kit homes are self-sufficient and sustainable. Also, off grid kit homes are made using sustainable materials. Not only are you living in an eco-friendly way, but the house is also made of environmentally friendly materials. Talk about sustainability, right?

Are you looking for a sustainable house to live in? At Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars, we can help you. Let us know what type of sustainable home you’re looking for, and our team will guide you with our home designs.

3. Secure Your Permit

When you’re about to start living off the grid, you need to secure planning and council permits. These permits will allow you to build your house. Therefore, off the grid living does not mean you’re cutting connections within the society. In the first place, you need to secure permits. 

Do you know it’s possible to buy land that does not require permits? While it’s possible, real estate experts would strongly discourage it. The locations that do not need permits are those areas that can be distant and remote from the vicinity. Note that the farther the location is, the lesser the chance you need permits.

4. Water, Food, and Energy Source

You will be relying on your own for water and food once you start off the grid living. Hence, you will be responsible for your own food, cooling, and heating systems, energy source, etc.

For your food, you can implement a farming and fishing system if you own a relatively big land. These are excellent food sources that promote a healthy lifestyle too. Furthermore, you can save money by producing and preserving your own food instead of buying groceries. 

A clean and safe water supply is necessary for your off the grid living. For your water, your most reliable source is rivers, streams, and wells. Additionally, you can use a solar heating system to produce hot water.

As for power sources, you can opt for renewable energy such as solar panels and generators. At the moment, there are solar panels that could be expensive. However, as more industries embrace renewable sources, solar energy becomes more affordable. Look for different solar panels and choose the one that fits your budget and provides your needs.

5. Waste Disposal

In living off the grid, you become responsible for your waste disposal. You are not relying on society and the government in terms of waste management. Thus, you would need to have a proper waste management system because failure to do so poses health risks.


Many people in Australia have begun searching for ways to live off the grid. As the world faces the global warming crisis, there have been many alternative ways to save energy. If you are dedicated to a simpler and eco-friendly lifestyle, we hope you learn how to begin living off the grid in Australia in this blog.

Are you looking for off grid kit homes to get you started? Feel free to contact us at Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars. We believe all Australians deserve to live in their dream houses. That’s why one of our goals is to help you achieve that dream.

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