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How Much Does it Cost to Build Container Homes?

How Much Does it Cost to Build Container Homes?

The world has been evolving as the year goes by, and for most people, our lifestyles are advancing and becoming high level. Homes in Australia are no exception to this! There are many styles and processes from exterior space to interior design like bathroom, plumbing, and walls.

Are you interested in a high quality house for your site in Australia with custom options? A shipping container home might be what you’re looking for as a property! Learn about the costs to build container homes.

What is a shipping container home?

From the term itself, shipping container homes are houses made of steel material from recycled shipping containers and shipping trucks. A shipping container house is a go-to house for people who opt for a minimalist structure by choosing shipping containers as the primary building materials.

What’s excellent about considering living in a shipping container home is that these homes have small space, enough to be located in any site located or your property. However, you may be wondering if your house made from shipping containers would be as strong as the conventional build or traditional build homes. Shipping container homes are sold as naturally strong and secure by their steel material. On its sturdiness, a shipping container is water, fire, and wind-resistant.

How much money is needed to create or transport a shipping container home? Don’t worry; we got you covered! If you wish to live in a unique house in a cost effective way, shipping container homes are something to consider. Learn about the prices of these home containers and find a new home that can also be your holiday home. Let’s explore the benefits of living in a shipping container first.

Benefits of Container homes

Living in a home build from shipping containers have lots of benefits from living in them as well. First, these shipping-material steels will keep you away from scary bugs and pests because of their building materials. Shipping containers have been known to be insect-proof.

Second, container homes are considered eco-friendly too because these are made from recycled shipping containers. Since the steel materials are solid and sturdy, you won’t have to keep on reusing and recycling materials repeatedly that impacts the world with emissions of carbon footprint.

Benefits of container homes

Last, if you’re meticulous about your interior design, container homes are customizable! Container homes also come in various sizes for you to decide on, especially if you want to think outside the box and be creative. So if you wish your dream home to be a two-story one, container homes are not saying no to this.

Shipping container home cost

What is the cost of building a container home? Which factors would influence the prices of such construction projects? The cost will start at the shipment of your container home to your desired place. Your home cost will depend on its price per square meter.

Various claims have opened up that these home containers range from $5,000 to $12,000, making them affordable. At the same time, the price may still vary depending on the type of container house construction project you plan on designing and customizing. Keep in mind that these homes offer ranges of sizes, from 20 by 8 feet to a bigger one, depending on what you prefer. The bigger the container is, the bigger it will cost you, of course. However, bigger container homes may be offered at a starting price of $10,000 to $30,000, which is still considerably cost-effective with all things considered. 

So if you’re already planning on buying a shipping home, have the cost of the shipment, the container itself, then the project is considered. Then you’re good to go!


Container homes can be your best option if you’re looking for a strong, minimalist, and cost-effective house. Another great thing about these shipping home containers is that they can be easily transported to any site. Keep in mind that the price of each container home still varies. Overall, container homes are dream homes with a budget-friendly price.

If you want to purchase a high end quality container home in your property or living area, you can contact shipping container builders in Australia or search them online. You can also have more information and free consultation about other types of homes in Stunning Homes and Modulars. We can form a team at Stunning Homes and Modulars who can do all the ground work and complete building your new home. Rest assured they will have the supplies and parts delivered safely on your land or property. Kindly message us through our social media links.

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