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10 Budget Friendly & Unique Small House Plans

10 Budget Friendly & Unique Small House Plans

Every family wants to provide their children with a safe and comfortable house like houses from magazines. These magazines feature modern life, big houses, and floor plans with more environmentally conscious or small house designs.

Many people in this world prefer a prospect house without all that extra space that suits their needs. If you’re into low-cost small house design, here are ten budget friendly unique small house plans for you.

Affordable & Unique Small House Plans

Finding a home that you love within your financial capacity is not always easy. However, there are many beautiful homes out there that won’t break the bank.

Australia has one of the largest average house sizes worldwide. This means more time cleaning and maintaining positive energy production in the extra living space and the master suite. Here are the top 10 low-cost and unique small house plans.

Garage Apartment

If you love scenic views, a windy and exposed site outside of your house, this unique small house plan is great for you. The big windows by the front walls enable the outside light to illuminate the living area. For convenience, the living room directly leads to the kitchen. The bedroom is at the back portion of the house, giving the homeowners enough privacy.

See-Through Fireplace Design

Take advantage of your fireplace, especially during the cooler months, with this house plan. A see-through fireplace is an eye-catching feature of a house that gives warmth for all at first glance and throughout their night.

Carbon Positive House

As people become more educated about eco-friendly lifestyles, they switch to this new movement- an environmentally friendly floor plan for their new house. An example of this is the worm waste treatment system. Another example of an eco-friendly floor plan is adapting breathe architecture as a new home construction idea- adding strategies that maximize ventilation inside the house.

There are more examples to make your home eco-friendly. For example, you can remove waste materials that help in reducing embodied energy.

Holiday Cabin

Who would not love a perfectly detailed beachside cabin? This moonlight cabin has a simple interior that includes a bathroom, bedrooms in the middle, a dining area, and a kitchen for those who live near the beach.

Open Floor Plan

This is one of those homes where indoor-outdoor activities are possible because it has big windows by the front wall and sliding doors for additional lighting during nighttime. In addition, the living space and the dining area are connected, enabling you to enjoy a meal together while enjoying your view of nature.

unique small house plans

Open Floor Party House

For those who love to entertain, this unique small house plan might be the perfect one for you because it has an open floor area like mentioned above and features an additional dining area that can expand your party space.

High Ceiling

For those looking for a cheap house plan, this is one of the best options out there. The living room has high ceilings that make it more spacious while keeping a lower roof in other areas. In addition, these small homes feature a bedroom and a bathroom in the upper part of the home while keeping multiple windows to allow more light inside.

Social Kitchen Design

This unique small house plan is perfect for those who have a large family or friends. The kitchen includes more cooking space, where you can bond with your family or even visitors- a unique place to socialize.

Openable Roof

This small house plan is perfect for those who love open spaces. It features an operable roof that allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoors while taking a break from their indoor activities. It’s stylish and functional because it has operable ceilings that give you access to the outdoors while keeping your indoor area free from sun and rain.

A-Frame Roof

This is one of the unique small house plans that you will ever find. It has an A-frame roof with more space inside to keep everyone comfortable without feeling cramped. A-Frame roofs are great because they allow for lots of natural lighting in your home.

These designs offer something for everyone, no matter what your needs are. For sure, at least one of the designs here suits your needs!


There are many small homes available that consider your affordability and still offer you a unique design. In addition, these designs are so simple that you have enough time from planning up to the construction because of the less space.

Say goodbye to your extra room with unique small house plans that fit within your pocket. For more information, contact us at Stunning Homes and Modulars. Spend less and save more with our low-cost home plans without sacrificing quality or style.

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