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Everything You Need to Know About Backyard Studio

Everything You Need to Know About Backyard Studio

Looking for a little extra space to separate your work life or simply have your own chill, private zone away from the hustle and bustle of your home? A backyard studio might be perfect for you!

Catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic that struck the world in the most unexpected time, the demand for self-contained havens has grown at a steady pace over the past few years. Now, more than ever, people are spending more time in their homes, so the space constraints that have always existed in everyone’s minds are emphasized.

May it be for work, relaxation, gardening, art, or other pursuits, backyard studios offer solace to homeowners with a little extra space without compromising one’s main abode. If you’re considering building your own studio out back, here are some of the reasons to help you decide.

What Is A Backyard Studio?

A better solution to maximizing that expanse behind your house is a backyard studio. It is usually a granny flat, a shed, or a structure that is put to good use by converting or renovating it to serve as a studio. A dedicated area where you can focus on work or a hobby, this custom-detached office or garden room provides a sanctuary in a state of luxury. It is a better alternative to home expansion than converting a spare bedroom to expand living space.

Why Invest In A Backyard Studio

Home additions always supplement a property’s overall values. Swimming pools and decks are usually the most common forms of these. With the growing popularity of backyard studios, here are some benefits and advantages on why they are a worthy investment.

●       Myriad Functions

Studio spaces may serve many functions, such as an outdoor office, guest room, traditional workshop, man cave, or even a teenage hangout area. These detached spaces offer solitude where you can immerse yourself in your tasks, may it be work or a hobby. Such remains to be the best solution to adding more space to your property.

Should you decide to change the purpose of your backyard studio in the future, it is relatively easy to do so because of its small area and general versatility.

  ●       Augmented Value

You can complement your main home with your outdoor studio through the right planning and architecture, should you wish to do so. These additional living spaces add value to your property without the costs and challenges associated with a home expansion.

How To Own A Backyard Studio

Adding a detached structure can be fairly easy compared to remodelling your home. Logistically, you’re not cutting into your living space, so there are fewer engineering considerations.

How To Own A Backyard Studio

In most cases, small backyard studios less than 20 square meters don’t need council approval. However, if it’s over the prescribed floor size, height or is setback by boundary limits, you may have to apply for approval through the local planning authority.

Meanwhile, for projects that don’t require a permit, simply look for an architect. After the initial design is created, you may select and order from various manufacturers and have your custom backyard studio delivered and set up in a snap.

Backyard Studio Designs


Perfect for artists who treasure their creative space, a steel and glass design may be the best option to get plenty of the natural light they need. A low-maintenance garden studio’s colourful and inviting exterior may help keep those creative juices flowing.


With an inviting office and garden storage space, the Shoffice (shed and office) is a playful piece that connects a conducive work from home environment with nature. Its elliptical timber shell seems to sprout from the ground, curves overhead and extends upon the grass to form a small patio on the lawn. The balanced feel of the structure may be attributed to its sunroof and glass wall front that invites plenty of light, which complement the solidarity of the wood.


Cooba is a small modern building designed to give that “at home” feeling despite being an extra living space outside the home. This small building, vertically clad with Western Cedarwood and smoke grey metal accents, makes a modern facade for an office that may be transformed into a writing studio or a hobby area.

How Much Does A Backyard Studio Cost?

Designed on the premise of a modest way of adding space, it doesn’t cost too much to construct or buy your own studio. Depending on the extent and the size of the build, a backyard studio usually ranges from $15,000-$60,000. Other manufacturers reasonably estimate their pricing at $200–$320 per square foot.This architectural foresight, inspired by granny flats and backyard cubbies, encourages applying new forms of expression to the extra space that you may not be able to squeeze out of your main home. If you want to have your backyard custom-built, you can contact us here.

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