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Choosing the Best Relocatable Cabin: a Primer

Choosing the Best Relocatable Cabin: a Primer

A relocatable cabin allows you to live the quaint, cozy cabin life wherever life might take you. If you’ve considered buying a portable cabin, thought of adding one to your yard, or thought about building one to serve as a commercial structure, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best.

With the sheer number of relocatable cabins for sale everywhere, how do you know which one suits your needs and preferences? Choosing the best relocatable cabin can be a bit overwhelming, so here are some practical tips to get you started. 

Relocatable Cabin Styles

Relocatable cabins (we’ll be using the terms relocatable cabin and portable cabin interchangeably) come in all shapes, styles, and designs. Your imagination’s the limit! Though relocatable cabins have a distinctly unique look and feel to them, there are different styles and builds that work well for particular purposes.

Here are some of the most common styles to help you get started.

Beach Style Relocatable Cabin

Nothing spells “holiday” like a beach style relocatable cabin. With enormous windows that let a lot of natural light in and a faded wooden finish, these relocatable cabins don’t even need a body of water to be a destination ‌(though a beach or a pool definitely won’t hurt). 

A beach style relocatable cabin will do perfectly as a spacious guest home right in your yard. Your guests would never have to worry about accommodations whenever they visit! Living close to a tourist spot? Whether you have space enough for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom flat, a beautifully decorated beach style relocatable cabin will definitely make for a 5-star Airbnb accommodation. 

Relocatable Log Cabin

The word “rustic” probably will conjure up an image of a log cabin atop a hill. There’s nothing complex about a log cabin, and that’s exactly what makes it beautiful. Imagine being able to take your beautiful home to wherever life takes you next?

Traditional log cabins are typically made out of decay-resistant wood such as pine, cypress, and cedar. The traditional process of constructing log cabins takes a lot of time and money, but thankfully, prefabs are available for those looking for a cheaper, more efficient way to own their very own rustic abode. Modern features such as solar panels, steel sidings and roofs, and wide windows can also be custom-fitted to the relocatable log cabin’s traditional design. 

A small to medium-sized relocatable log cabin will be the perfect starter home for an individual or a couple looking in search of a flexible, mobile living arrangement. If you’re looking for a simple yet beautiful way to transition into tiny house living, then this one might be your best bet!

Cottage Style Relocatable Cabin

Picking up from ‌rustic and cozy, relocatable cottages are another great option for those looking for a comfortable relocatable home. We typically know cottages as a holiday home, a place where families and couples go to for a quick escape.

A lot of countries in the world have their own versions of the holiday cottage — the Finnish call them “mökki”, the Swedes call them “stuggas”, while the Russians know them as dacha. Traditionally, cottages were built to provide a suitable, self-contained lodging for workers.

Aside from being a dwelling that makes you feel like you’re on vacation all-year–round  wherever you might be, a cottage style relocatable cabin can also be an amazing temporary home for workers or employees. 

Chalet Style Relocatable Cabin

Webster’s Dictionary defines a chalet as “a wooden dwelling with a sloping roof and widely overhanging eaves, common in Switzerland and other Alpine regions.” 

Chalets are characterized by: 

  • High ceilings (second levels often come as lofts with low ceilings), 
  • Intricate designs (e.g., carvings and mouldings) on the furnishings
  • Smaller windows 

If you’re looking for a beautiful space to turn into a commercial structure (e.g., retreat house, summer camp quarters, daycare, palliative care), a chalet is a stylish, functional structure that will surely send a steady stream of clients in.

Relocatable Farm Style Cabin

A barn style relocatable cabin is perfect for those looking for a more open layout home design. Farm style cabins are characterized by exposed wood beams, wide and airy common spaces, and beautiful cathedral ceilings.

The space inside farm style cabins allows for a wide variety of uses: a farm style relocatable cabin can be a transportable storage space or a garage, but it will serve you equally well as a beautifully-designed events place.

relocatable cabin

How Much are Relocatable Cabins?

How much your relocatable cabin would cost depends on several factors. Your location is one of them. We wrote an article with comprehensive ballpark estimates of relocatable homes in Australia, by state. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Relocatable cabins for sale in NSW could set you back by around $15,000 (80 sqm, pre-loved) to around $215,000 (74.9 sqm, 3 bedrooms, customized.
  • Cabins for sale in TAS could cost you around $22,727 (37 sqm, pre-built, expandable) to up to $150,000 (3 bedrooms).
  • Relocatable cabins for sale in QLD cost around $16,990 (9.8 sqm, portable kit) up to around $98,990 (100 sqm, portable kit)
  • Relocatable Cabins Available in WA could cost around $50,000 (13×7 metres, 3 bedrooms) up to $72,600 (12×4 metres)
  • Buying a Relocatable Cabin in SA might cost you around $47,320 (92 sqm, kit) to $57,000 (121 sqm, kit)
  • Relocatable cabins for sale in Victoria could set you back by around $10,000 (183 sqm, pre-loved), up to $82,000 (8×3.5 metres, brand new).

Wherever you might be in Australia, there’s a beautiful relocatable cabin for sale that suits your needs. It all boils down to the purpose that it will be designed to serve. 

If you’re interested in a customized relocatable home, send us a message. Let’s discuss how to turn your cabin plans into a full-fledged relocatable residence!

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