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The Magnifigue



The Magnifigue is towable, registrable, and expandable 6m trailer can comfortably house 1-2 people with access from both short term accommodations as well as long term living options! 

The slide-out design means that the living space can be easily and quickly extended to create a studio type feel, perfect for long term stays or even if you want to use it as an office!

The Magnifigue is the ideal studio home for those who like to be able to move around. Not only can you enjoy your own private space, but this mobile unit also has an open-plan living arrangement with integrated decks and sliding door entries into both the lounge area. 

The open plan studio makes it easy and fun, with plenty of room inside or outside! You’ll love how you can cook up all your favourite meals in this kitchenette featuring a built-in breakfast bar above head height plus below bench cupboards – then just slide out that big door into an extremely comfortable lounge area with enough space dedicated simply because YOU deserve it!


Floor Plan

The unique slide-out feature allows the space to be set up within just one hour by yourself! Measuring 6m x 3.7m with separate living and dining areas as well as kitchenette and bathroom facilities included—perfection!

The slide-out design isn’t the only exciting feature of this project – the overall look and feel are also unique. With a studio type layout and a modern but rustic feel, it would be perfect for those who want to experience a bit of Gold Coast nature without giving up all the comforts of home. 

It can also be easily transported anywhere thanks to its lightweight aluminium construction, making it easy to tow behind any vehicle.

And with a price tag of around $59,950, it’s also much more affordable than many other high-end tiny houses on the market.

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