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How to Attract High-Profit Customers Direct from Google by… Ranking #1

Whilst Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around for many years…
What’s NEW & Extremely Profitable… ARE THE GOOGLE ALGORITHMS – AND THE STRATEGIES That Can Be Used – TO TAP THOSE ALGORITHMS …Resulting in a Rush of Buyers to Your Website.


There is however, one barrier to accessing these strategies…
There are many new algorithms to consider. You have to discern (like an FBI agent) which algorithms have the most power with Google and which approach is best to completely maximize them. (Google does not tell you this information)
Foundational SEO is complex enough without adding the need for this level of learning and understanding and implementation. It’s not easy for any one person to Master – and Mastery is the key.
This is why…
– We have spent the money to do the discerning for you. (over $250K)
– We’ve taken the time to learn and implement ONLY the most successful strategies.

AND THEN… (our secret sauce)
– We hired & trained our own team of… “NEW SEO – Implementation Specialists.

STEP 1: We do a detailed SEO SUCCESS AUDIT of your site.
STEP 2: From that audit – we find the highest return NEW SEO strategies for you.
STEP 3: We deliver – a thorough proposal including the estimated timeframes for success with those strategies – and specifically WHY we’ve selected them FOR YOU.
STEP 4: We agree to your Speed of Implementation.
The more strategies we implement at once, the faster our results occur. In order to achieve results for all levels of budget – we provide 3 levels of service…
– Fast – (compared to others – not slow at all but – low budget)
– Expedited – (faster results – moderate budget)
– Super Accelerated – (unmatched Speed – larger budget required)
**Remembering that there are many new Google algorithm strategies. We are only even able to offer this level of speed because of our – trained specialist approach.
STEP 5: We put in place your – NEW SEO – success infrastructure. This is the all the Google Algorithm friendly pieces for your website like ______________, ______________ and _________________.
STEP 6: 30-day launch.

 Regardless of how many strategies
we are implementing for you – we will ask for 5 – 10 hours of your time to help us with content for your strategies. We ask that you have this time available in the first week – so we have as strong a 30-day launch as possible.

NOTE: We think different. We implement at a level never before available.
– We are not a normal “SEO Company”
– We are a NEW SEO Implementation company – with trained specialists.
– We operate from this place because our focus is YOUR PROFIT.
– We implement in the same way as we do for our own projects.
We consider ourselves far more than an SEO service provider.
We are your NEW SEO implementation partner. To create the most synergistic, balanced and profitable alliance and business model in SEO…
…Besides our fee (best value anywhere) we do also ask for a 10% share of sales.
*You only pay on sales = we have skin in the game & there’s no risk to you.
Again this takes our relationship into a profit partnership and so if that is what you want – if you do get the potency of partnering with us, in this way…
Please read on…


#1: READY-TO-BUY PROSPECTS are searching for answers and solutions to their problems on Google RIGHT BEFORE making a purchase. 

#2: SOON-TO-BE BUYERS are browsing on Google, ready to get to know your business.

Let’s not forget that:#3: YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS will search again for other ways to solve new problems and buy new products. If they see your website featured at the top of the search when they “Google away,” chances are that they will purchase again with a lot less resistance; they already know you. 


This also reduces the likelihood of your customers going to your competition. The last thing you want is to lose your current customers over one Google search.  

Our Seo-For-Profit Strategies & 

Your 5 Steps To Google-Sourced Traffic