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Transportable Homes in Victoria

Transportable Homes in Victoria

Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars paint Victoria’s iconic cityscapes with transportable homes amid glass-and-steel skyscrapers. Everything about Melbourne screams personality––from the out-of-this-world street art to the European-esque historic towns and surf spots just a small detour away from the city. Our transportable homes come in all shapes and sizes that blend perfectly with Victoria’s architecture: we have colourful, beachside holiday cabins, fully-furnished granny flats, as well as modern homes that will fit right into the heart of Melbourne.

Fully Customisable Relocatable Homes

Wherever your location might be in Victoria––whether in the bustling Melbourne or amid the vineyards of the Bellarine to Mornington Peninsula––we can build and deliver the perfect home for you. No two transportable homes are alike. Our team of designers, engineers, and tradesmen will translate your vision into a fully-functional transportable home.

With a customised build, you have the freedom to turn every aspect of your dream into reality. Choose from trailer-type, mobile, or mountable transportable homes, or modular homes if you’re looking for something permanent. Bring life into unique architecture and the colours that define you, from the roof to the exterior to the smallest built-in storage unit.


Advocacy for the Environment

The foundation of our modular homes, kit homes, and transportable homes is a strong corporate social responsibility for environmental preservation. Victoria is the second-smallest state in Australia but is the most populous, with the capital city Melbourne housing 4.4 million out of the state’s 6.6 million people. Victoria alone contributed to 18% of Australia’s total emissions in 2018, just behind QLD and NSW.

Our advocacy to build eco-friendly transportable homes Victoria begins with mindful construction management. Construction waste is carefully sorted and re-used whenever possible. Our home designs, and building process take into consideration energy conservation through the following:

Carefully-picked paints, stains, and binding liquids to ensure that your home doesn’t emit hazardous odour or fumes
Window treatments that complement the relocatable home’s insulation, heating, and cooling system, which will allow more natural light but less heat or cold to enter––saving you energy costs
High-end insulation, which is more expensive upfront but costs less in the long run due to lower heating and cooling fees
Alternative energy options, including solar energy panels
Selecting cost-efficient LED lighting whenever possible––lasts longer than fluorescent lights


Innovative & Smart Housing for Modern City Living

In the open and expressive Melbourne, you can live any way you want. There are no rules to how creative your tiny relocatable home can be: on wheels, irregularly-shaped, or a mix of various colours and materials; it’s always ready to be taken to your next location. Our home designs put our customers’ comfort and happiness above everything, so you can rest assured that we’re dedicated to amplifying your satisfaction with innovative solutions.

  • Smart storage solutions
    From the ceiling to under the floorboards and everywhere else in-between, we can build the most discreet but practical storage solutions for your transportable home Victoria. Nobody likes a cluttered house, especially if space is a limited resource. Our designers and engineers have come together to create innovative storage spaces, customised for each kind of home. Even a relocatable home on wheels can benefit from ingenuity!
  • Integrated technology
    Make everyday chores a lot simpler with select technological integrations for modular homes and transportable homes Victoria. It’s perfect for future-forward individuals, tech geeks, and minimalists who prefer a small robot vacuum over a bulky full-size machine. Smart homes go hand-in-hand with Melbourne’s cityscape, but you can take your relocatable home anywhere you want and still enjoy a glimmer of modernity while living off-the-grid.
  • Biometric or keypad locks for the front door
  • CCTV cameras, plus a built-in tablet view from the inside
  • An option to include low or high-end appliances with the home––for a fee
  • Smart, self-activating heating and cooling


Our Transportable Homes Victoria

We offer a wide range of pre-designed homes on top of custom housing––perfect for people looking to save time and don’t have anything specific in mind. Our selection of wonderful tiny houses, modular homes, granny flats, and relocatable homes was carefully built by an expert team of passionate industry professionals. These client-favourite houses are unmatched in quality and aesthetics––ready to deliver straight to you.

Modern Neutral

This tiny 20 square metre modular is a stylish twist to the design of classic kit homes. The exterior was painted with grey, white, and black hues, with a wooden front porch to create a beautiful contrast against the external frame’s clean, smooth panels. A large front door beside a window of the same size and shape creates a mock double-door effect, enhancing symmetry and giving off a modern mini-mansion look and feel. The interior design features a kitchen, bathroom, and living space, plus a loft-style bedroom and ceiling storage. We offer the option to purchase the home to mount on land or wheels.


Bachelor’s Pad Reimagined

This asymmetrically-shaped abode is the very definition of a first tiny home. Its slanted flat roof is an interesting design that can make your place stand out amid cone-shaped houses. The 15 square metre indoor space was built for the comfort of a single-tenant, with just enough room for necessities: a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and smart storage. A generous 15 square metre outdoor space gives you room to entertain guests while surrounded by the beautiful outdoors. We offer exterior paint customisation to make this space feel truly yours.


Sunshine on Wheels

The Sunshine on Wheels is one of our favourite relocatable homes Victoria––a simple, boxy design with plenty of large glass and window panels to let sunlight in. Keep the blinds up when the sun is shining and down before bed for privacy. This 15 square metre abode is ideal for one person to live and dream anywhere in Australia. With a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, you have everything you need to explore the world in the comfort of your home. A modular, non-wheeled version of this home is also available!


See the Full Collection

Our gallery of stunning modular homes, kit homes, and transportable homes Victoria can be shipped to you anywhere in Australia. We offer minor customisations, such as painting, for free. You can also choose to order a pre-designed home with a custom interior. We’ll deliver it to your location, wherever it might be. The options are endless with Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars!