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The Most Beautiful Transportable Homes in Australia

The Most Beautiful Transportable Homes in Australia

Transportable homes (also known as relocatable homes) are houses that are designed to be moved. Contrary to popular belief, they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. With the help of skilled, experienced architects, any transportable home for sale can look like a million bucks! 

Here are some Australia’s most fabulous transportable homes to inspire your first, or next build.

Stunning Transportable Homes in QLD

This beautiful extension to a charming 1930s house proves that transportables do add value to a property. The transportable home extension is an elegant studio that breathed a brand new life to the old home: with wide windows that let a lot of light in, the studio marries the beautiful garden with the charm of the Queensland community it’s nestled in.

Beautiful Transportable Homes in NSW

This gorgeous transportable restaurant in Sydney highlights the versatility and eco-friendliness of transportables. It is made of shipping containers, and every aspect of the build had sustainability at its core — a fitting representation for the low impact goals of transportable homes (and other alternative housing types).

While this transportable isn’t technically a home, the set-up can easily work well for a spacious studio.

Transportable Homes to Inspire You in Tasmania

This relocatable cabin is simple and cozy, but it has everything that you might need when it comes to a home. The interior is made of hardwood lining, and the home features seats that pull out to welcome a mattress, and could be lifted up for extra storage (talk about versatility!) It’s built on top of a steel chassis, ready to roll with you on your next adventure.

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Beautiful Transportable Homes in South Australia

This cabin is a picture perfect snapshot of the “transportable life” — the potential to live close to nature, or anywhere one’s heart desires. This cabin for rent features a queen bed and bunk beds, as well as a fully-functional kitchen and a stylish bathroom.

Transportable Homes in Adelaide

This transportable cabin in Adelaide comfortably straddles the line between lavish and cozy. This cabin has wide windows that let the light in, and the deck is a perfect spot to wind down after a long day. It comes with a fireplace, a bathtub, and even a private sauna! Looking at transportable cabins like this, it’s almost unthinkable to assume that transportable homes are basic!

Stunning Transportable Homes in WA

This award-winning prefabricated home is designed to allow the owners to enjoy the nature that surrounds them without disrupting it. This transportable adapts to nature: it welcomes cool breezes and prevents direct sunlight during high summers. The home was set up within four weeks!

Charming Transportable Homes in Victoria

This home, located on top of a hill, features a sophisticated three-module design. The home has three bedrooms, and has an internal “courtyard” to protect the residents from harsh coastal winds. It also has a fireplace!

The Haagen Dazs House in Federation square is also an interesting example of the commercial potential of transportable buildings. This space features intricate paneling and booth seating.

Into history? Check out these portable iron houses built in 1851, to serve as housing for migrants.

Buying Your Own Transportable Home

Did these transportables make you want to learn more about the entire building process? Here’s everything you need to know about transportable homes, and a rough estimate of transportable homes’ prices, depending on which state you might be in. 

If you’re ready to jump start your own home building process, contact us. Let’s discuss your plans; we’ll be more than happy to guide you every step of the way!