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The Advantages of Portable Granny flats Over Permanent Granny Flats

The Advantages of Portable Granny flats Over Permanent Granny Flats

If you’re looking for affordable housing, then you might be considering a granny flat. Granny flats are affordable housing that provides long-term and short-term rental solutions. There’s a growing interest in this tiny house in the market for a lot of good reasons. Many homebuyers are starting to consider and accept granny flats as a practical and convenient alternative home for the elderly. 

There are two types of granny flats: portable granny flats and permanent granny flats. But first, let’s define a granny flat.

What Is A Granny Flat?

So what is this tiny home that’s becoming popular these days? A granny flat is a type of tiny house constructed next to an existing house. It’s also known as an in-law apartment, granny pod, bonus unit, or extra living space for house family members. It’s a self-contained home that makes everything you need in a home easily accessible as an all-in-one flat. The size of the flat is usually 60 square meters, the same size as a two-bedroom apartment.

Typically, it’s called a granny flat because it’s often used to accommodate the elderly in the family. One of the primary reasons to build a granny flat is it allows independence and privacy for families. So, it’s not just for the elderly, but anyone needing affordable housing, like students and single parents.

Benefits Of Granny Flats

Living in portable homes is not bad; it’s about learning to live it up in significantly minimal space. If you get a granny flat for the grandparents in the house, they won’t feel left out on any essential features of a full-sized home because there are plenty of perks from living in a granny flat for senior parents.

  • It provides better living conditions without the need to buy another real estate property because there’s enough space.
  • The grandparents in the family can live nearby without sacrificing your family’s privacy or freedom.
  • Granny flats offer many benefits to homeowners in terms of affordability and convenience. They are affordable because they only require a small portion of the land and convenient because they are move-in ready with basic amenities.
  • One of the best advantages of building a granny flat in your home is it increases the resale value of your property when it comes to reselling.
  • If the flat is not available, you can have it as space for guests, an office, or other function you can turn it into.

Not only does living in a granny flat offer better living conditions for seniors, but it can also be an ideal home for older children, other people who need their own area and privacy. They can be used as an affordable home office space separate from the main house to avoid noise and distractions.

Defining A Portable Granny Flat And A Permanent Granny Flat

A permanent granny flat is constructed on the actual home permanently, from the term itself. It’s a fixed flat because it’s built right on site. On the other hand, a portable granny flat is typically manufactured in a factory ahead of time to be delivered and installed. A portable granny flat is a prefabricated flat offsite- meaning it does not need to be established on a particular foundation.

A portable granny flat will typically be set up on your property. Unlike a fixed granny flat, it has the advantage of being affordable and movable.

What Are The Advantages Of Portable Granny Flats Over Permanent Flats?

In choosing a granny flat, you have two options. First, you can go with a permanent granny flat, which adds to your property or real estate investment. Second, you can go with portable flats for more advantages and practical reasons, which gives many benefits that a fixed flat can’t offer.

portable buildings

Unlike portable buildings, permanent granny flats are expensive to build and have a lot of limitations. But if you’re looking for affordable granny flats, then portable ones might be the right option for you! In addition, portable granny flats offer many advantages over permanent granny flats, such as: 

  1. Portable granny flats are affordable.

If you look for portable granny flats for sale, you would be surprised to see how much money you can save with a portable flat than a permanent flat.

  1. Savings on installation costs

Since portable granny flats are built offsite before they’re installed onto your property, installation costs are usually reduced.

  1. No need to relocate your current home.

Since portable granny flats are built offsite, you won’t have to relocate your current home. You can just set up the flat onto your property and start living in it right away! If you’re looking for affordable housing options that don’t require much expense and effort from relocating, then going with affordable portable granny flats is your most superb choice.

  1. Flexible and affordable option for short term rental income.

Portable granny flat lets you create more space in your life without making any significant changes or spending money on expensive renovations. These flats offer great flexibility and can serve as an additional rental income, making them a great investment. It’s also a flexible option because you don’t need to think about your permanent structure when life takes you elsewhere.

  1. No need to deal with the local council regulations.

In buying a permanent property, you always have to factor in the local council regulations. Securing a council approval can cause stress because of all the requirements needed for construction. Local council approval is not required for portable granny homes in Australia; specifically, in Casino, Grafton, Byron, and Lismore.

  1. Easier to maintain and upgrade.

Since portable granny flats are built offsite, it’s easier to maintain and add reasonable modifications such as new flooring or appliances in the future when needed.


Portable granny flats offer many benefits over permanent ones, such as affordability and mobility. These make them an ideal choice for people who need affordable living space temporarily or those who want to downsize their homes while they can still move around relatively quickly. Because of its advantages, you can get your own sense of home in a portable granny flat. It’s a great option and investment, but do not forget to search for more information about it before you finally decide.

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