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Sustainable Features of Modular House Plans for Handicapped

Sustainable Features of Modular House Plans for Handicapped

Creating modular house plans for handicapped needs thorough research. Which is why we must only trust experts to develop premium quality mobility homes. Living in standardised homes for persons with disabilities is proven to be quite a challenge. And because most realty housings available in the market are already designed and built to standard specifications, they may find it challenging to use some home features, and some areas might not be even accessible for them at all.

So, the next possible step is to personalise your space. But what if I tell you that redesigning your home might take too much of your effort, time, and savings? If you want a home that offers functionality at its best, why not try to invest in small modular homes instead?

Let these best sustainable features convince you to try a modular house.


The first few things to consider when buying a house is the design, the location, and most importantly, the overall functionality of the building. With a household, you can have the option to design your own space, and to develop a home from scratch that allows movement and flow for easy access and personalised specifications. There are also tons of great designs you could follow.

predesigning your house layout

House Adaptations

When it comes to transposable houses, personalisation is feasible. Appropriate adaptations are designed to meet such requirements and specifications especially for those with mobility issues as it helps them to have full access to their own homes with ease and barrier free.

Tips to bear in mind when brainstorming designs with the contractors:

  • In pre-designed homes, you can direct the builder to create small home plans with wide and open spaces; it allows safe wheelchair access.
  • Bedroom area should be adjacent or next right to the bathroom area.
  • Bathroom space should be broader than usual to provide radius access for wheelchairs.
  • Entrance and exit doors should also be unobstructed and should follow a width not less than 92 centimetres.
  • Installation of handrails should be a must.
  • Counters and table tops should be at an appropriate height for convenience.
  • In installing a wheelchair ramp, it should be on a 1:12 slope. Contractors may already know some modular home guides for specified homeowner needs but it’s always better to be sure than be sorry later.
  • Also, keep the room near exits for emergency purposes.

Sustainable Features of Modular House Plans for Handicapped


According to Wikipedia, “prefabrication is the practice of assembling components of structure in a factory or other manufacturing site, and transporting complete assemblies or subassemblies to the construction site where the structure is to be located.” Which means that prefabricated homes are installed on site and are ready available for users after being assembled. Unlike traditional homes, where builders take time to dry out cemented parts of the house, you can immediately transfer and settle in prefab homes. And the best part about prefab houses is that it can be easily uninstalled too, if you ever decided to move someplace else. It is convenient and durable, a perfect combo.

Full Installation of Insulation

Another best highlight of custom built homes are the built-in insulation of panels. Proper insulation of your home assists in keeping your place well ventilated. And it can provide heat during cold seasons and relieve heat on warm ones, making it a bonus feature in modular house plans for handicapped.

Aside from the fact that it gives comfort during harsh temperatures, it also helps us to save a lot of money – instead of spending on coolers and heaters, plus the monthly bills from the electric company. For those who practice energy efficiency at home, the insulated panels are best for you, as it helps minimise waste energy, leaving a minimal carbon footprint as possible.


There is no denying the fact that we all wanted to travel and experience different types of cultures. What if I tell you that you could bring your home with you during your travels? Literally bring your house in any place that you would like and live there for as long as you would like. Just like mobile homes, sturdier and more reliable, moveable houses can easily be installed and uninstalled from its place by a contractor, and have it delivered to your new location.

Stunning Tiny Homes

When it comes to independent living, rest assured our modular house plans for handicapped, sensory impaired and senior citizens are functional and sustainable. It is comfort and luxury at a reasonable price. Do you want to start planning your next safe haven? Visit our website at Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars for more details.

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