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Practical Reasons to Live in an Eco House

Practical Reasons to Live in an Eco House

Do you want to live in an eco house constructed with sustainable materials and low energy costs? If so, then an Eco House in Australia is the perfect home for you. Green technology and living are becoming more and more popular in the world. People are starting to understand that they can be better stewards of our environment while improving their lifestyle by making eco-friendly choices. You deserve a good life, and one way to live a better life is to choose sustainability by buying an eco friendly house or building one on your site.

Eco houses can be defined as any residence or building that incorporates environmentally-friendly features and natural materials such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, natural lighting, and more. But what are some of the practical benefits and reasons why someone would choose to live in an Eco House? Read on to find out!

Top Practical Reasons to Live in an Eco House

There are other types of homes where you and your family could live simply with less electricity usage. There’s the granny flat, tiny houses, modular homes, and of course, eco houses. Interested in making your dream home into a new home created out of natural resources, where you could enjoy the natural light and fresh air with low material costs? Choose a modern eco home your family deserves.

Save Money With Eco House

The first reason for choosing eco homes is to save money on your energy bill each month. In society today, where the cost of living has been skyrocketing, this is one way you can save and live comfortably with less stress about finances. Another benefit to consider when buying an eco house is the price tag – they are generally cheaper than traditional homes without sacrificing comfort or style. The low cost of eco kit homes means more savings for you!

When you invest in appliances with energy efficiency, such as solar panels, plumbing fixtures, and insulation for your home, you can reduce your bills by up to 30%. It can also improve the overall health of the planet. By living in an eco house, you are reducing your carbon footprint by about 10%!

Reduce Energy Usage

You will be reducing your energy usage, which can be costly when living in a traditional home. Therefore, you can truly save more money when you live in an eco home than in a traditional house.

Practical Reasons to Live in an Eco House: Reduce Energy Usage

To further save on electricity, you can turn your home into an open plan concept to maximize the natural light, furniture, and other appliances. Building this home can avoid using several appliances with separated walls simultaneously, and it can help create a bond for the owners and their families.

Renewable and Reclaimed Materials

The materials used for renewable building methods such as straw bale or rammed Earth are cheaper than typical construction materials like concrete or wood. You can also use other energy efficient and sustainable materials like rainwater tanks, solar power solutions, and other green technology.

Home Featured With Sustainable Material

Eco houses often work better with natural light, natural ventilation, and cooling systems like cross-ventilation, shade trees, evaporative coolers, and ceiling fans. All of these features help to keep air quality high and homes cooler during extreme heatwaves!

Things You Need to Know About Eco Homes

You can never go wrong with choosing an eco house because of its benefits to the natural environment. However, there are still several things you need to know about them first before making a final decision on building eco homes on your land. The three disadvantages of an eco house for the homeowners are that they are time-consuming to build, not as easy to modify and maintain, and can be challenging to finance.

The first question you may ask is whether or not eco homes are affordable. The cost of eco homes could range from $1000 to $4000 per square meter. The second question could be about buying or building a cheap eco home. You can start building your affordable new home by using natural and recycled materials, building vertically, and investing in insulation, passive solar, and energy efficient appliances.

Things You Need to Know About Eco Homes

In the long run, eco homes are cheaper than traditional houses because of their energy efficient interior construction, with solar panels as an example. Thus, eco homes are worth it because of their eco friendly features, resulting in a high resale cost.

Homes in Australia typically last for 25 to 30 years. In terms of the eco house’s durability, its eco friendly features and materials, such as passive solar heating, make these houses long-lasting.


Caring for the environment should be the trend now- many people in Australia own homes that are affordable and beyond the typical modern family houses. There are different kinds of homes that can cater to your daily needs all year round, like small houses, timber frame houses, transportable homes, modular homes, and eco houses. These houses are all over the land of Australia- give your family the simple contemporary home they can enjoy and start creating your journey into sustainability.

Choosing to live in an eco house is a great way to reduce your environmental impact and save money. An authentic eco friendly house will not only save energy and water but will also reduce waste and improve air quality. There are many reasons to live in an eco house, such as:

  • Saving money on utility bills.
  • Creating a healthier lifestyle.
  • Feeling better about your contribution to society.
  • Having a good impact on the environment for future generations.

We’re happy to show you our range of interior ideas and projects such as room, roof, floor, and walls. At Stunning Home and Modulars, we build your dream home that you can be comfortable with all year round. So start creating good memories in your new home, join the community that supports sustainability, and get rid of toxic materials with eco homes.

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