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Practical Benefits of a Shed Home

Practical Benefits of a Shed Home

Since the inception of the tiny house movement, several people in Australia have now considered downsizing their homes. Even if it is not necessarily a tiny house, the idea of owning an affordable house and living a simplistic life is an appealing concept for most people. For example, people prefer building a shed home to take on a new approach in life and free themselves from consumerism and “the system.”

Shed homes, like their cousins, tiny houses, and cabins, are now prevalent choices for people who advocate a cost-effective, minimalistic way of living. While this small house type might appear to be just a trend, it is more than that. If you still need convincing to build your own, this list of practical benefits of a shed home might help you decide.

shed home in the woods

1. Guaranteed Cost-Efficient

Unlike traditional homes that cost a hefty price to build, a shed home is way cheaper and cost-effective. In Australia, an average home could cost up to a whopping $100 000. On the other hand, a shed house could only cost you around $10 000 – even less if you have a knack for negotiating and resourcefulness.

The price only covers the outer shell, though. If you are determined to make it a livable space, furnishing and installing essential utilities are necessary. That being said, you can estimate to double the price mentioned above to make sure your shed house gives you the comfort you deserve.

2. Take Less Time to Put Up

These kinds of homes are smaller compared to average homes. Hence, they take lesser time to build. In estimation, you would take only half the time you spend constructing a typical house to build this home. Prefabricated sheds and cabins are also an option if you are unsure about where to begin.

One of the best things about constructing a shed home is working on them whenever you prefer. They don’t require much time to finish. In addition, you can work on them on weekends, sparing you the trouble of taking a day off from your regular job.

3. A Space for Personal and Artistic Expression

Thinking outside the box and creativity were the driving force of the tiny house movement. Living in a shed home gives you the leeway to express your inner self and create or design stuff to improve and beautify your space. Even if you are sometimes at a loss on materializing that idea, DIY tutorials and vastly available ideas over the internet can certainly help.

4. Helps the Environment

Due to their size, these homes require lesser materials. It means that whenever a person chooses to build a shed house instead of an average one, he consumes less, thus, helping the environment little by little. Materials such as wood are a crucial natural resource, so whatever we do to help preserve them, no matter how small, counts.

Living in this kind of home also requires less energy consumption, which means that we help reduce the carbon emissions in the environment. Scientific reports show that one of the primary sources of carbon footprint in the atmosphere is households. So, it is the right time that people consider using energy more efficiently.

5. No Issue On Space

This type of home takes only a minimal space due to its size. A house this size means that it would consume less water, insulation, and electricity. In addition, the small space is ideal for people who might have difficulties moving around; your grandparents, for example. 

It also suggests that this home can fit almost anywhere – may it be a backyard, at a vacant lot, or any place convenient to you. Some people even have their shed houses on wheels to transport and take it any place they want. So if you share the same adventurous energy, then a shed home is the perfect choice for you.

6. An Excellent Extra Living Space

Even if you don’t intend to permanently live in a smaller living space such as a home like this kind, you can still benefit from building one in your backyard or vacant property. A shed home is an excellent ‘extra’ space that you can use for many different occasions.

For example, this home model can serve as your family’s recreational space. A nicely furnished shed home can also serve as your guest house. It can also be your private workstation, especially for those who are working from home.


Living in a shed home is an excellent alternative to traditional houses, especially for people who have limitations on the kind of home they can build. It’s also a good option for those looking forward to living a simpler life or just wanting something different from their everyday lives.

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