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Mobile Homes: Everything You Need to Know

Mobile Homes: Everything You Need to Know

Mobile relocatable homes are one of the most common housing arrangements for Australians nowadays. This interesting type of housing is on the rise, and it’s not surprising: some cities are reporting a rise in rental rates, with some tenants reportedly paying up to 12% more than they did last year.

Before delving into exactly what makes a mobile home special, the regulations involved in building a relocatable home, and possible financing options, let’s answer the most important question first — what is a mobile home?

What is a Mobile Home?

According to the Residential Parks Act of 1998 of New South Wales:

A moveable dwelling means:

  1. Any caravan or other van or other portable (whether on wheels or not) other than a tent, used for human habitation, or
  2. a manufactured home, or
  3. Any conveyance, structure or thing of a class or description prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this definition.

Going by this, a mobile home is just any moveable home (at least in NSW). However, some home parks make it a point to demarcate which sections of the park are for long-term mobile homes, and which ones are designated specifically for RVs and caravans.

Mobile Homes Regulations

How do you envision your home to look like? Do you want a spacious portable house that will stay put for years on end, or are you envisioning a fully provisioned home on wheels? For information regarding the delivery and installation of semi-permanent manufactured relocatable homes, please check out the specifications for design, construction, installation, modification and extension of manufactured homes and associated structures (page 25) of the Local Government Act 1993.

Keep in mind that vehicles have their own set of regulations, please refer to the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Act of 1997 to see if the home that you have in mind qualifies as a caravan or a campervan.

Mobile Homes vs. RV

While both mobile homes and recreational vehicles (RV) are designed to be To keep it succinct, a recreational vehicle (RV) is designed to be towed to a suitable spot and to stay there for a relatively long time.

Why Buy a Mobile Home?

Mobile homes: 

  • Are the perfect affordable, flexible housing option for individuals, couples, families, and retirees,
  • Allow the homeowners to be mobile, it grows and adapts to the homeowner’s ever-changing needs and priorities,
  • Are more sustainable and affordable than traditional stick-built homes,
  • Allows for customization and personalization (if you choose to build it yourself, or with a contractor).

Mobile Home Parks in NSW

A lot of mobile and relocatable home owners decide to live in residential parks. According to the Residential Parks Act of 1998, a residential park is:

(a) a caravan park (that is, land, including a camping ground on which caravans, or caravans and other moveable dwellings, have been, are or are to be placed, installed or erected), or

(b) a manufactured home estate (that is, land on which manufactured homes have been, or are to be placed)

Always keep in mind that there are associated costs that come with moving into a residential park community. 

According to NSW laws, it’s the responsibility of the landowner/park operator to hand any prospective tenant a copy of‌:

  • a disclosure agreement 
  • a standard site agreement
  • a site condition report

Read these documents thoroughly and ask the opinion of a lawyer if something seems amiss. Once you’ve signed the standard site agreement, you have a law-mandated 14-day cooling-off period within which you can cancel the arrangement with no penalties.

How Do Mobile Home Loans Work?

Some companies would require that you own, or at the very least, have an equity stake on the land where you’re planning to park the RV. Relocatable home prices are generally on the lower-end, but you can still get the necessary financial help to afford your preferred portable home for sale. There are lenders that specialise in modular, prefab, mobile, and transportable homes and they’ll be happy to finance your mobile home even if you don’t own land.

Some builders also offer financing options. That’s a good thing to consider before choosing a builder to go with.

Finding the Best Mobile Homes for Sale in NSW

You have a couple of options when it comes to finding the relocatable home of your dreams, and your choice will ultimately depend on your priorities: 

  • If your priority is to save costs, you may opt to choose from the wide variety of pre-loved mobile homes on offer all over NSW and the rest of Australia. These are customisable––a flat can be expanded to a 2-bedroom portable home, for example.
  • If you want a brand new home but want to save time, you can opt for pre built prefabricated portable homes.
  • If your priority is to get a home that is custom designed and built according to your needs and requirements, it’s best to work with a reputable construction company.

A mobile home is a flexible, customizable option for individuals, couples, and families looking for an affordable living arrangement. If you think that a relocatable home is the perfect housing option for you, kick start the project by doing research on mobile home regulations and ‌mobile home parks in your area. 

After all, why subject yourself to outrageous rent prices and mortgage costs if you can have a beautiful demountable home that suits your every need, and can move with you?

Whether you’re looking for a fully customised mobile home, a full-fledged relocatable home, or a fixed modular home, we can help! Contact us for a free consultation and quote. We’ll be more than happy to give you a comprehensive estimate for the project that you have in mind.

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