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The Benefits of Living a Small House in Australia

The Benefits of Living a Small House in Australia

Australia is known for giving the best quality of life in living in a safe and standard setting in a different location. This country is among the countries in the world that offers small houses with a customizable construction and interior style of your choice. Living in a small house is now the trend in modern life.

A small house is a house with a floor area of approximately from 80sqm to 200sqm. In other words, these are homes smaller than the standard house you may know. One of the most popular small houses is the granny flat. Living in a tiny house is not the only way to resolve natural environmental problems, but it can further prevent Australia from rising environmental issues. There are many benefits to living in a space efficient small home in Australia, not only that it excesses out all that extra space and floor plan.

The Benefits of Living a Small House in Australia

The tiny house movement contributed to the rise of tiny houses- there’s the granny flat, tiny house on wheels, and more. This new project is about sustainability and reducing embodied energy, such as a worm waste treatment system. You can talk to your architect about utilizing positive energy production on your site.

Interested in small house plans? If you already have a prospect house in mind, read more to know the benefits of living in a small house in Australia.

Environmental Friendly

First, suppose you’re looking for a quick and easy means of helping the natural environment with a more environmentally conscious design. In that case, small houses have minimal impact on the planet compared to a family’s relatively largest average house sizes. Your architect can tailor-fit your house’s bedroom, garage, deck, light, and other features of your home to make it more environmentally friendly.

In addition, you can change your ordinary small house to a carbon positive house, maintaining positive energy production. Small homes do not produce many waste materials due to small home designs, unlike the big houses wherein waste materials are highly likely composed.  Building these small houses also generates a lower carbon footprint, making these space-efficient homes more environmentally friendly.

The Benefits of Living a Small House in Australia: Environmental Friendly

Less Cost of Living

Second, living in a small house has less costs of living. You can get a lower demand for electricity from a few appliances that will make your power bill much lower compared to big houses, putting you at an advantage. Being practical is needed, especially for a starting young family. The interior of small homes does not require extensive effort from an architect.

Location Opportunities and Interior Designs

Third, a small house also accompanies new home construction open to all kinds of house plans considering the interior that your house will become. A small house will provide ample opportunities for creating the ultimate interior. In addition, small homes have less construction that your architect can plan and you can build yourself one in any kind of neighborhood or a unique place if you like. During the cooler months, you can have an operable roof or even an openable roof attached to your small house in a windy and exposed site or construct a sled house in a perfectly detailed beachside cabin.


Fourth, you can create your style with your small house plans in your prospect house. All these happen with the help of customising your houses, such as floor plan, light, bathroom, garage, bedroom, and deck. For a house with a small space, it’s essential to factor in the quality of light and air flow to encourage productivity and make it look spacious. You can utilize breathe architecture for a better air quality in your bedroom and the entire house.

You can customise and advise your architect to create raw beauty with galvanised steel, raw ironbark cladding, or any materials of your choice. Your living room and bedroom can become a stunning structure without compromising the quality of your house.


The tiny house movement is a new movement about sustainable and simple small house plans. One goal of the campaign is to reduce the extra living space of your land while maintaining comfort in our lives. With a small home, spend less time scrubbing your big house and create memories by spending more time with your family. 

At Stunning Homes and Modulars, we can build the home of your dreams on your site with enough time. Contact us and share your house plans with us. We can show you our gallery so you can select your prospect house, may it be a granny flat, transportable home, etc. You can call us at 0423 563 357. Give us your first name and contact information, and we shall reach out to you.

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