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Kit Homes vs. Modular Home: Which Type of Home Suits You?

Kit Homes vs. Modular Home: Which Type of Home Suits You?

The building industry has led to many alternative home construction in Australia, such as kit homes and modular homes. There’s a common misconception that a kit home is a factory-made building design with a set of plans and kits that you buy and then hire someone to construct for you in your location or land. Another misconception is a kit home is just similar to a modular home. Let’s learn the definition of these homes and their comparison.

What is a Kit Home?

A kit home is a house “kit” or package that contains all the material needed to create your own house from scratch on your land or site. Kit homes have been around in NSW and Australia for a long time. You can buy plans for good quality kit homes from the popular option available, like home magazines, at an affordable price.

Can an owner manage the whole construction process? Yes, while some kit home suppliers offer kit homes in pre-built condition, it is more likely that you will find yourself building a kit home as your project. This is because kit homes are customisable, and they come with options for style, interior layouts, painting, etc. You can do this by selecting your great option of materials – quality steel frame and others.

What is a Kit Homes?

What is a Modular Home?

A modular home is a ready-to-move building. Modular homes are constructed in the factory and then delivered to your location by a builder for final assembly. When you buy a modular home, it comes in sections, with all exterior finishes complete from the outside. Good quality modular homes have been around Australia for quite some time now.

Kit Homes vs. Modular Home: Similarities and Differences


  1. Both kit homes and modular homes use the offsite construction process.
  2. Both are cost effective because many builders source their materials from local businesses to keep delivery costs at a lower price, such as steel frames. Therefore, if you’re working on a project budget, you can save money with either of these homes for your site.
  3. The prices of both kit homes and modular homes may look a lot different. But looking at the prices of the features, materials, and the building process of classic kit homes and modular homes, their total costs are almost similar. Hence, your budget might not play a factor in selecting between these homes.


  1. Classic kit homes could be the option to suit your lifestyle if you prefer to create your custom design. With kit home designs, you can be an owner builder- you would need to secure a local council approval. However, a kit home offers less flexibility than a modular home.
  2. If the owner builders would construct the kit homes, it may take a longer time to build the kit homes than modular homes, given that the owner builders have less experience in kit home designs and construction.

Kit Homes vs Modular Home: Which Type of Home Would Suit You?

You might be interested in a kit home if you are looking for lesser costs and have time to deliver the construction project yourself. Otherwise, your option could be modular homes for their custom design process. However, if you consider having a team of builders for your own house with a cost-effective method, then kit homes are the best option.

Some companies in Australia will have your kit home requirements perfectly catered for. You can choose a standard or a custom kit home design, depending on which type would suit your preference.


Whether you select a kit home or a modular home, there’s no such thing as a perfect house; that’s why it’s best to consult different custom kit home specialists. The best part in classic kit homes is the homeowner can be the owner builder, provided with a complete kit home supplier. The kit home builder will supply you with a manual that any licensed builder can understand. 

At Stunning Homes and Modulars, we can say with confidence that our friendly team can completely achieve your dream home with our quality design and features, regardless of the block size. Contact us, and we’ll guide you through the standard inclusions and have your dream home come to life and delivered to your site.

At Stunning Homes and Modulars, you are guaranteed a great building experience. Contact us for more information, and our builder will show you our wide variety of display homes that fits your project budget. In addition, with Stunning Homes and Modulars’ exceptional customer service, rest assured that the end result of our customers’ new home will be the home of their dreams.

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