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How to Find The Best Tiny Homes For Sale

How to Find The Best Tiny Homes For Sale

The road to sustainable and eco-friendly tiny living starts with finding the right abode that suits your lifestyle. With so many tiny homes for sale listed online, it can be a challenge narrowing down a few favourites—but this shopping guide will help you work through the ins and outs of finding the perfect match. 

Find Inspiration

People spend a good chunk of time at home to wind down after a long day. And with COVID-19 protocols still on the horizon, it’s become even more important to create an ideal space where you can feel cosy and safe for days on end. Design is an element that you have almost full control over when building a tiny dwelling. Unlike larger homes, which can be extremely expensive to customise, modular houses, mobile homes, granny flats, and other derivatives of tiny spaces are comparatively affordable to make your own. 

The Internet is Your Best Friend 

There’s no other platform better for getting your ideation gears turning than Pinterest. A quick search on tiny homes and interior design can net you plenty of ideas, including the extent you can take with the customisations. Alternatively, you can also browse around international tiny home catalogues. Tiny living is just taking off in Australia, so there aren’t many local resources you can reference. But a quick peek at what people on the other side of the world have been building might just get the creativity flowing. 

Consider creating a mood board with a curation of images that speak to you, and present it to the builders you choose to work with. In-house designers and engineers will work with you to figure out the exact shape, size, interior, and finishes for your custom home. 

Go Prefab

While custom homes are growing increasingly popular, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics and going prefab. Prefabricated homes have essentially been pre-built while allowing for a few modifications, like the external panelling, roofing, and paint colours. This option is great if you don’t have anything specific in mind and prefer to shop already available units. You can enjoy faster shipment as customisations tend to be minor and won’t take more than a few days to complete. You won’t be missing out on design either—there’s an array of beautiful prefab homes available locally! 

Stick to a Budget and Find the Best Tiny Homes for Sale

While tiny living is a lot more affordable than renting out a full-size abode or taking a mortgage worth a lifetime of savings, it’s easy to go overboard with customisations. High-end units can cost upwards of $100,000 if you choose to amp it up with the latest tech integrations and expensive furnishings—and that might be well over your budget! Keep your goals realistic when shopping for a tiny home. Consider areas that you can turn into DIY projects to cut costs, but remember not to skimp on essentials. 

The biggest mistake prospective homeowners make is choosing to save a few hundred dollars over safety and longevity. Electricity, plumbing, insulation, water supply—these are all crucial in improving your quality of life and ensuring that the house can last for decades with little maintenance. Opting to save money on lower-quality work can be detrimental and may cost more in repairs and replacements. While cutting costs is essential in sticking to a tight budget, remember not to cut the wrong corners—or it may just backfire! 


Tiny houses are low-cost but are not dirt-cheap: a high-quality dwelling will still run you thousands of dollars! It’s difficult to finance tiny homes because most financial institutions are still wary about how they fit into Australia’s housing landscape. It also gets complicated when you decide to live in a mobile home full-time, as regulations can put you in a grey area. But we can help—get in touch with us for financing options; we’ll do our best to bring you along the most cost-efficient route to homeownership. 

Consult With Experts

Some people choose to do the entire building process on their own. But this can be detrimental to your safety, especially if you don’t have enough handiwork experience to ensure that you’re building a safe and liveable unit. There are also local laws and state-specific regulations you need to abide by to legally build a tiny abode and mount it on land or wheels. 

With years of experience in manufacturing homes, the expert-managed building process is a lot quicker, more streamlined, and waste-free compared to doing a DIY. Housing is one of the facets in life where you must absolutely not skimp on quality. After all, you don’t want a home that will break down after a year of purchase. In that regard, you can save time and money from failed builds by consulting with experts and employing them to do the hard work for you! You certainly have a say in how the house should be built and any custom add-ons necessary to your comfort. 

Looking Past The Present

While tiny houses make homeownership easier and more accessible, it’s important to think beyond the present by choosing a tiny home for sale that’s future-proof to avoid having to shell out more for major renovations or an entirely new house a few years down the line. Tiny homes can fit no more a single person, a couple, or a family of three. If you’re persistent and aren’t particularly claustrophobic, then a family of four might be able to comfortably live in a 2-storey modular building. Any more and the lack of space might start becoming a serious issue! 

Think about your short and long-term goals, and adjust your shopping preferences based on what the foreseeable future may end up looking like. If you’re planning on building a big family over the next few years, then choosing a tiny home to live in permanently might not be a sustainable option due to space limitations. 

Shopping for tiny homes is challenging, but choosing to live tiny has its fair share of benefits, like not being limited to options in one state. Consider the factors above when looking through catalogues or building a custom abode

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