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All About the Relocatable Homes Melbourne-designed Called Shacky

All About the Relocatable Homes Melbourne-designed Called Shacky

The Relocatable Homes Melbourne designed is famous for Shacky, Australia’s most innovative and futuristic home. They’re designed to be relocated, perfect for those who want a relocatable home. It also has modern conveniences like running water, electricity, and even air conditioning!

Portable homes have been in business since 1991 and have built many quality relocatable homes throughout Australia. They specialize in building quality homes that are both functional and affordable. Transportable homes have been around since the 1990s. But what makes Shacky special and unique? Continue reading for more information about these amazing homes today.

What is a Shacky?

Shacky is relocatable homes Melbourne takes pride in. These homes are constructed with quality materials and the newest technology in mind. Shacky is a home designed for modern-day living, making it stand out from other relocatable homes. Relocatable Homes Melbourne has been developing and building these unique structures and floor plan since 1991, when they first started the business. What’s so great about them? They’re all-inclusive, building them with the latest technology in mind.

Relocatable Homes Melbourne’s Shacky is fully equipped with most modern-day conveniences, like tiny homes, granny flats, and other revolutionary new homes. You can enjoy all these amenities without building any of them yourself. As a result, relocating your home has never been easier to achieve.

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The History of Shacky

Joep Pennartz created Shacky with the concept born after a brief, rainy weekend stay in a modest cabin in Warburton in regional Victoria. The first Shacky was a temporary accommodation through Airbnb like market testing. Pennartz and his team received many inquiries during the trial, and interested people were disappointed when the trial ended. However, the guests’ feedback was taken seriously, used to improve Shacky in the long run.

Shacky was founded on linking Australians to rural properties all over the country, which are frequently owned by farmers who are barely getting enough means to survive. It also served as a holiday home for a family who loves the environment with farming and backyard.

Pennartz thought if the farmers could use their land to rent out to tourists, it could be an extra income and may gain attraction from the tourists. In addition, it can make the tourists appreciate the farming more. The connection between the tourists and the remote living experience was unique and essential when the idea of Shacky was born.

Shacky is becoming more and more popular in the Australian Property Market. It’s an ideal home for people who want to move around within Australia without the hassle of selling their home or renting another house.

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The Benefits of Shacky

  • Mobility: Shacky homes can be relocated easily, making them perfect for those who want a relocatable home. These homes provide the features of your typical house, but they are much more lightweight and mobile than traditional houses. That means you can move it with just one person without heavy machinery! They can be transported to any place in Australia or even overseas by ship.
  • Affordable price: Relocating a home is not just ideal for mobile living, but it can be very cost-effective. In Melbourne, many people prefer investing in this type of housing option because they want more space within their budget. Unlike many other types of homes, Shacky is very affordable.
  • Modern Conveniences: Shacky comes with all the modern amenities, like running water, electricity, and air conditioning. These homes in Australia are built from the finest materials available. 
  • Environment-friendly: The Relocatable Homes Melbourne-designed Called Shacky is a prefabricated home designed with an environmental conscience in mind. That means it is made with sustainable materials and construction methods which help reduce the home’s carbon footprint.
  • Customizable: One of the best things about Shacky homes is that they are customizable to your needs and wants. You can choose everything from the exterior finish to the interior layout, such as double glazing the windows, redecorating the walls and door. This gives you total control over your living space.


The Relocatable Homes Melbourne designed called Shacky are a popular choice for people who want to have an affordable home that is easy to relocate. Relocatable homes have made it possible to be in revolutionary design and technology with Shacky. So relocating a home is now as easy as picking up and moving to another piece of land, which can be done in a day! This is because relocatable homes are built with the latest technology in mind. So you can relocate your home without having to install any amenities yourself. Contact our team of builders and research for more information before purchasing the dream house for you and your loved ones.

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