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6 Types of Portable Homes

6 Types of Portable Homes

Portable homes, also known as relocatable homes, are taking Australia by storm. With rising rent and mortgage prices, alternative housing options provide everyone with the chance to be a homeowner. The best part? The home isn’t permanently tied down to a singular location! 

Out of all the portable homes for sale out there, which one suits your particular needs and preferences? Let’s find out.

Portable Container Homes

Shipping container homes are portable houses made ‌of repurposed shipping containers. They come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 20 to 40 feet. Relocatable homes are cost-effective, quick to build, and sustainable, which is probably why a lot of people choose them over traditional stick-built homes. 

Portable containers are made of corrugated steel or aluminum. Since these containers are designed to withstand harsh conditions that come with being transported, they are quite ‌durable. Repurposed shipping containers are pretty customisable too, so you can go for both budget and style. 

Tiny Portable Homes

When people think about a portable home, a lot of them are actually thinking of a portable tiny home on wheels. Tiny relocatable homes are growing in popularity as the perfect option for those who want to live a more mobile life, on a budget. The portable tiny home is the core of the “tiny home lifestyle” that’s currently taking the world by storm: a lifestyle focused on simplicity, minimalism, and essentialism.

But what qualifies as a tiny home? According to the Australian Tiny House Association:

“Tiny houses are moveable dwellings up to 50m2 that are suitable  for residential use. Tiny houses can be largely grouped into two categories: on wheels or on skids.”

Whether you’re envisioning a life on the move or just want the option of being able to move without having to start all over again, downsizing to a tiny home will give you a brand new perspective on life: one that’s focused on just the essentials, and nothing else.

Two Storey Portables

Want a portable but worried about space? Let us introduce you to the concept of two-storey moveable homes. Two-storey portable modular homes have the space and the style of a traditional stick-built home, without the expense and the hassle that comes with a traditional home construction project.

It’s one of the best ways to build a 2-bedroom portable home without compromising comfort in an otherwise tiny, single-storey flat. This type of home will definitely stand the test of time, making it the best option for families.

If you’re thinking of getting a two-storey relocatable home, keep in mind that your portable home should be road ready. Refer to relevant regulations in your state (e.g., this one for Victoria) for more information.

Portable Cabins

If “rustic” describes your aesthetic, a portable cabin is definitely your best bet. A portable cabin has all the trappings of a beautiful cabin in the woods (or one in the middle of a farm) but custom-fit so you can take them wherever life might take you. Cabin owners could opt to add a loft, ramps, and bespoke shutters and door furnishings to really capture the cabin feel. 

While portable cabins are an amazing choice for a transportable 24/7 home, some people decide to get a portable cabin as a functional and decorative addition to their yard. After all, who would turn down the chance to enjoy a cup of tea on the porch whenever and wherever they feel like it?

Sustainable Portable Homes

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, construction waste accounts for around 16.8% of all solid waste that ends up in landfills (around 12.7 million tonnes). If you choose to buy a prefabricated portable modular home, you are already making a more eco-friendly choice compared to building a stick build home. Since most parts of the demountable home will be made in a manufacturing facility, there’s way less waste.

Sustainability can be built into the portable home’s design too. Since relocatable homes are highly customizable, you can opt for windows that let a lot of natural light in, or windows that ‌insulate the home during colder days. The toilets and faucets can be equipped with water saving fixtures.

Park Model Portable Homes

Park model homes are portable houses on top of a wheeled chassis and ‌fit mobile park specifications. If you want to take advantage of the bustling RV or portable home park community in your state, a park model portable home is definitely your best bet. Wondering where to start? Check out the park home regulations in your area!

How Much Do Portable Homes Cost?

Relocatable home prices depend on the size and style of the home and where you are. Do you want a customised relocatable home, or do you want to save time by buying a pre-designed and pre-built portable home? Do you want to save even more money by buying a pre-loved portable home? All that will factor into the overall cost of your dream house. 

Portable homes and other alternative housing options make homeownership a breeze. You don’t have to wait for years for a home that costs an arm and a leg to build — a relocatable home can be an affordable, efficient option for you and yours. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, your affordable portable home can truly be the home of your dreams.

Have you figured out which type of portable home is right for you? Then it’s time to take the next step and discuss the details of the build. Contact us for more information.