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6 Reasons Why Granny Flats Make Senior Living Better

6 Reasons Why Granny Flats Make Senior Living Better

Interest in granny flats has gone through the roof in recent years for many good reasons. Homebuyers are seriously considering them as a more practical and more convenient forever home alternatives for the seniors in the family. When you make a comparison of the cost of building a two-bedroom granny flat and a two-bedroom apartment, you’d be surprised just how much you can save up.

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With the way house prices are at the moment, a fair estimate of building a granny flat would be around $100,000 to 140,000—about 20% estimated cost of building an actual apartment. It’s a tremendous savings for anyone who wishes to make a cozy tiny home for dear grandmas and granddads. When you’re raising a family of your own, it’s always good to have people around you that know more about parenting. Having your parents live close by, instead of miles away in a retirement home, will make the problematic parts seem much more effortless. Before you embark on a long journey and learn how to build a granny flat, there are things you need to know first. For starters, the name itself and why it’s called so.

What is a granny flat anyway? Granny flats are built as all-in-one dwellings for the elderly. It’s designed to be small and self-contained, making every function you need in a house easier to get to. Granny flats are usually built next to the main house. Most people opt for detached flats to allow more privacy and freedom for their loved ones.

The living space can vary, depending on where you are located and the building restrictions you need to follow. Granny flats are usually   60-sqm in size, similar to most two-bedroom apartments. You need to check with your local council and know the requirements for building one before you proceed. You also need to decide if you’ll be a DIY owner-builder of the flat or would prefer to employ a builder instead to assist you. You can also sign with a granny flat specialist company to do all the work for you from the ground up. Before you get into the thick of construction, here are six reasons that can help you reach a more informed decision.

Not just a converted garage

Like most downsizing efforts, having a granny flat comes with long-term benefits. It has all the convenience any lovely family home can provide, plus the comfort of accessibility and flexibility. You won’t be chained to a mortgage as much as you would be to a bigger house. Also, moving around in large spaces can take a toll on our aging loved ones. Keeping everything within reach and just a few steps away can significantly improve their day-to-day activities. They won’t have to go up and about as much, and they can save their energy for things that they enjoy doing more.

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Increase market value

Having an extended living space can quickly multiply the value of your house five to seven-fold from its original market value. In a few years or so, should you decide to put your property on the market for any reason, you’ll be able to generate more potential buyers because of the granny flat. Having a secondary dwelling is a point of attraction for most homebuyers because they can rent it out later on, should they decide to, and generate passive income. Also, because granny flats are smaller, they tend to be cheaper to rent out. You can put the flat in the market and get inquiries from potential tenants almost instantly. The amount you’ve invested in building the granny flat will get paid off straight away.

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Low maintenance

It won’t cost you that much to maintain the living quality of granny flats. Because it’s smaller, it’s much more manageable and easier to maintain. When it comes to bills, size always matters. Granny flats can provide you a suitable living space that fits your needs and your budget.

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Keep your family close

Having senior relatives close by is always a treasure. They are a walking source of wisdom for essential aspects of life. Anytime you struggle with decisions about your children, finances, career, or anything that you hold dear, you can be sure that they will always have your best interest at heart. You can go to them for advice or for the simple comfort of having someone in your corner. If they are going through an illness, it’s much more practical to keep them closer to home so that you can quickly provide them with what they need and take care of them.

Have more friends and family stay over

With the extra space you have, long weekends will be more delightful for you knowing your friends or relatives won’t have to go home if they feel like staying longer. You’ll be able to accommodate more people and enjoy your time with them to the fullest without worrying about avoiding the rush hour.

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Reduce urban sprawl and build your dream home

By building a granny flat in your front or back yard, you’re helping reduce the demand for housing. In the long run, with more people having secondary and sustainable dwellings, rent or overall housing prices will decrease significantly. Access to affordable housing can lead to a better quality of life for everyone in the neighborhood. Stunning Tiny Homes and Modulars, a local home builder that specialises in transportable homes, including granny flats, are helping communities build the home of their dreams without being tied down to a high mortgage. Granny flats can either be a transportable or permanent fixture in your property. With affordable housing underway, it won’t be long until we can all feel the benefits of living comfortably using only the space we need.

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  2. Mia Evans

    It’s great to know that granny flats kits can be permanent or transportable in the property. I guess we can really have one in our home since we want my grandmother near us instead. She said she wanted to live on her own, but she needs people close to her to be safer.

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